The Army of the Rosary

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Guest post by Maryse Usher, Melbourne, Australia.

Yesterday afternoon I had to do an assignment for the parish priest, and missed out on most of the entire rosary which several people recite in our church on Sunday afternoon.

I left the sacristy door a bit ajar, so I could hear while I worked.

Suddenly, what I heard was an army, reciting in perfect unison, with a strong, soldierly voice, what sounded like a kind of battle chant, something like the Marines or Navy does when its platoons are training and marching, but the prayers of the rosary.

The chant was determined, formidable, like a vocal march, and seemed to incorporate about a hundred voices. The men and women’s voices blended together. You couldn’t distinguish the sexes in this militant voice. They sounded unstoppable, confident of victory.

I thought a whole lot of people must have joined the pray-ers, so I went to the door and saw just nine of our stalwarts on their knees.

I finished my task and joined the others in the last, glorious mysteries. Down in the nave, it sounded just like ordinary people praying the rosary, not too fast, not too slow, but ordinary. No dramatics.

I got up at the end and spoke to my fellow pray-ers, saying what I had heard in the sacristy, and that Our Lady is truly the Virgin Warrior Queen, using our Rosary to fight the devil, and in some mysterious way, we are multiplied and our prayers are purified and strengthened through and by her, our Commander-in-Chief in the battle against evil.

Then I choked up and couldn’t say anything else.

But I hope never to be ho-hum about the Rosary again. When I told my friend afterwards, having recovered after a an attack of the blubbles, he said he had been looking at the Our Lady of Fatima statue during the Rosary and saw her eyes “glisten”.

“Who is she that come forth as the morning rising,
fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army in battle array?
~The Catena of the Legion of Mary (Song of Songs 6:9)


Photo: Daniel Reche, Pexels / PD-US
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Guest Writer

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3 thoughts on “The Army of the Rosary”

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    This is one of the most remarkable and uplifting things I have read in a while. I have shared it with others, hopefully they’ll share it.

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