Saint Thomas Becket vs the Demon

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Guest post by Fr Carlos Martins of the Companions of the Cross.

Want to hear a real demon story, one for which I can personally vouch?

A good priest friend of mine — let’s call him Fr. George — is an exorcist. When he performs an exorcism on someone for the first time, Fr. George demands that the demon reveals who his nemesis in heaven is. In other words, he asks him to reveal which saint is his “archenemy.”

The demons never want to reveal this. They never want to reveal any knowledge that might be used against them. But an exorcist will keep hammering away at this, because if he gets a valid answer, it will serve as a weapon and give him a tremendous edge.

In one case of exorcism, Fr. George posed the question to the demon who manifested himself in a certain woman (let’s call her Rachel). But the demon would not answer. But when Fr. George hammered that question over and over again, always commanding in the name of Christ that he reveal the truth, the demon finally — though reluctantly — said, “Thomas.”

Father George asked, “Which Thomas … St. Thomas the Apostle, or St. Thomas Aquinas?” The demon wouldn’t say. So, again, Fr. George hammered that question over and over again, demanding that the demon reveal the answer, “in the name of Christ.”

Finally, the demon said, “Becket, you %*&*@# priest.” In other words, this particular demon’s nemesis was the martyr St. Thomas Becket, otherwise known as St. Thomas of Canterbury, whose feast day is in the Octave of Christmas, on December 29.

Finally, after much praying and adjuration by Fr. George, the demon revealed his name, which he identified as “Murder.”

Later that day, Fr. George called me. It had been a while since we had spoken, and he wanted to catch up. He related the incident that happened with the demon during the exorcism earlier in the day. I replied to him, “Father George, you know that I have a piece of the alb St. Thomas Becket was wearing when he was murdered in his Cathedral. Let me overnight it to you and you can use it with Rachel in your next session.”

I couriered the relic overnight to Fr. George. Halfway through his next session with Rachel, he pulled out the relic and applied it against her body.

The effect was as if all hell broke loose. The demon screamed horribly, as if he was being tortured. In fact, the reaction was so much, that it took Fr. George aback. Under that torture, the demon subsequently revealed that he was the demon who had possessed the king’s men that had murdered Thomas Becket.

Becket’s virtue defeated the demon the first time when he was murdered in the year 1170. Over 800 years later, his relic defeated the same demon a second time.

As you can imagine, the experience was enlightening for all, and was about as surreal as it gets.

St. Thomas Becket, pray for us!

I know that I am going to get asked this question hundreds of times, so I am pre-empting it by answering it right now: The best protection and defence against demons is the Sacrament of Confession and the Eucharist received in a state of sinlessness. Go to Confession and get reconciled with God, else by definition you belong to the enemy. By DEFINITION the sinner belongs to him. Then receive the Eucharist, as Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament aids you in avoiding sin and in enabling the Holy Spirit to grow in you.

*WARNING: Per Vatican teaching and instruction, NEVER ask demons any questions. Leave that job to trained priests. Priests are protected in this activity by their office. Laypeople are not. Laypeople may command demons to depart (i.e., they may engage in simple deliverance), but they are never to ask them questions or otherwise converse with demons. You have been duly warned.

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17 thoughts on “Saint Thomas Becket vs the Demon”

    1. Avatar

      I met Protestant people who they cold challenge the demon. As a Catholet I didn’t feel comfortable. Then I learned from priest we were not suppose to. Which made sense to me because priest are Concecrated. What about Protestant ministers?

  1. Avatar

    When i saw this piece was about St. Thomas Becket i immediately clicked on it.
    I had an experience years ago that had to do w Pope St. John Paul II and Thomas Becket…not sure of its exact meaning but have pondered often.

    Probably too much to go into whole thing but will mention gist.
    It was more than a dream…tho i was in bed i was not really fully asleep…all of a sudden it was as if Pope John Paul II (this was few yrs before he died) was lying on a twin size bed in my room.
    He was sooooo very feeble and he was frightened.
    He seemed so distraught and sickly…i went over and took his hand and i can still see the blue veins and shaking hand😒….He kept saying ” there won’t be enough…! There wont be enough…and he was counting on his fingers 5…12345….i found myself speaking to him very tenderly in trying comfort him….i said Jesus will help…tho i too felt his ANGUISH.
    I began part of Divine Mercy chaplet out loud as he continued to writhe and cry out 12345 there won’t be enough!! Then he would cry out a Becket..a Becket!!….i found myself crying out Thomas Thomas!!all of a sudden as if down a hall way going opposite direction was a man i d met in ireland named Thomas…fallen away Catholic but did love Jesus….there was a point when he finally called “I’m coming”…and turned around heading towards us….then the Room FILLED with white doves …i could feel the wind from their wings and their bodys and wings were physically touching me i began to flail my arms to shooo them away…tho i felt great Joy in their PRESENCE….i awoke completely and was flailing my arms!!

    Felt it had to do w Priests and future of the church…and also The House of Prayer in Achill island and its extension houses in union w it.

    1. Avatar

      Kathy, I was interested in your response to this story. Particularly your comment about priests and the future of the church. I went to Achill Island in 2001 with my daughter. I go at least twice a year to the house of prayer in Minnesota and have met Christina there as well as at Achill. Christina has received a real burden for priests. My brother is a priest. I really pray for him and all priests. I pray also for our new bishop who will be installed in our diocese this Feb. My daughter died of cancer in 2014. Her last wish was to go to the house of prayer,MN. She said once that she saw angels there. We also saw a miracle of the sun at Achill. She died with a picture of OL with the roses in her room & matrix bracelet on her arm.

      1. Avatar

        Ah Marcie i am so sorry for the loss of your sweet daughter…truly she is resting in Jesus arms…i too was in Achill in 2001 to recieve the Seal.
        Was literally Called there thru an experience in my back yard…twas opening up mail sitting under a tree…i opened Judge Dan Lynch (missionary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe) letter…the heading read ” join me in a pilgrimage to OUR Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer to recieve the seal of the living God….felt and electrical Bolt slam thru my right arm up thru my shoulder and into my head…and was FILLED w the knowledge i was to go to this place! Went over 7 times…been to Minnesota once…texas house bout 7 times. What a gift for us to have and wear Mothers Matrix medal!.
        Your daughter sounds like she was very devoted to Jesus and Mary…she chose well in desiring be at Mothers House.
        Love kathy

  2. Avatar

    I live in Upper Michigan and travel to MN often. Were is this House of Prayer? I noticed several when I googled it and many were under various denominations. I’m assuming this is a Catholic One that is referred to in the above replies.

  3. Avatar

    Thank God we still have Priests who believe the devil is a real entity. If there was no devil why would Jesus have had to die such a cruel death to Redeem us from the evil one. Please good Priests never tire of letting the young generations know, our Catholic Faith is the only defence against the evil that only wants to kill, steal and destroy us, and will gladly leave us already suffering the loss and despair of hell even before we draw our last breath. God bless you who ensure we know there is a very good reason for keeping the ten Commandments.

  4. Avatar Satan can fake dancing suns. He is the lord of illusions. He is even ok with seeming conversions, if he can plant disobedience to the bishop when the bishop has the say in a matter. If he’s wrong, God will eventually replace him with an approving one and bless the faith of those who were obedient a the more. Christina Gallagher’s claimed experiences or phenomenon have no Church approval.

    1. Avatar

      You know full well that the church is slow to approve apparitions but that unless condemned the Faithful have every right to examine and Test out for themselves an alleged apparition.
      The Fruit coming forth from this Mission for lost souls is bountiful and abundant.
      Fr. Gerard Mc Ginnity is in Good standing as a Holy Priest and has Full permission to freely attend and facilitate the POWERFUL weeky Novena that goes forth from Our Ladys House.

      When Fr. And Christina visit the Minnesota House they are given the authority by that Bishop say Mass at that House.
      I will pray that you Open your Heart….May Jesus Christ be praised!
      Our Lady Queen of Peace Pray for us and THANK YOU for your gifts being Given thru The House of Prayer….draw all to it’s Light.

      Kathy Tesoriero…grateful to be in the confraternity Our Lady called me to thru this particular mission.

      Confraternity of Our Lady Queen of Peace

  5. Avatar

    My husband and I were married on the Feast of St Thomas á Becket. We were both dedicated to the reconversion of England to the True Church, and so we think it is providential that we have been for 30 years dedicated to the Ordinariate, and its predecessor, the Anglican Use /Pastoral Provision.

  6. Avatar

    My husband and I were married on the Feast of St Thomas á Becket. We were both dedicated to the reconversion of England to the True Church, and so we think it is providential that we have been for 30 years dedicated to the Ordinariate, and its predecessor, the Anglican Use /Pastoral Provision.

  7. Avatar

    My husband and I were married on the Feast of St Thomas á Becket. We were both dedicated to the reconversion of England to the True Church, and so we think it is providential that we have been for 30 years dedicated to the Ordinariate, and its predecessor, the Anglican Use /Pastoral Provision. What a timely patron St Thomas B. is in this age of apostasy, when Caesar is appropriating to the State what belongs to God–life.

  8. Avatar

    Luke 9:49
    “Master,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we tried to stop him, because he is not one of us.”

    It is only in Jesus name demons are driven out, if these demons do theatrics because of some other name then they are only trying to dupe you away from using the name of power and that is Jesus against them where they will be compelled to go.

  9. Avatar

    I have attempted to share this story on Facebook twice and both times I receive a message that it “violates Community Standards” and the link to this article is “spam”. I can’t say that I am shocked that Facebook would fight to censor anything relating to the truth about the demonic. But sad that I can’t share this story with my friends.

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