Five Loaves and Two Fishes

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Five loaves and two fishes
These are all I have
And I didn’t think they’d matter much
When there are thousands to be fed.

Five loaves and two fishes
And I was ashamed to ask
If somehow they could help
To feed those hungry men.

But You took them in Your hands
And You blessed them
And offered them
To heaven.

And everyone ate ’til everyone’s full
And everyone believed
That You loved them
‘Cause You fed them.

And all these out of my small gift
The ones I thought didn’t matter
With five loaves and two fishes
You satisfied the hunger of men.


Photo: Andrew Wong, Unsplash / PD-US

Jocelyn Soriano

Jocelyn Soriano

Jocelyn Soriano is a Catholic self-help author, poet, and blogger. She is a CPA and Internal Auditor, but has also ventured into freelance writing. From time to time, she reviews books, develops her own Android applications (God's Promises, Catholic Answers, etc.) and contributes to other publications. When she is not busy writing books, Jocelyn enjoys singing and composing her own songs. Although she enjoys the company of family and friends, she also looks forward to times of solitude and prayer. Nature inspires her and reminds her of the beauty of God’s love.

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