Higher Than the Angels

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Guest post by Fr. Christopher Pietraszko (Diocese of London, Ontario, Canada).

For all of those who have a past with sin, or may be struggling with the embarrassment of that reality right now, I’d like you to consider this:

In Heaven, it is believed that humans will rank among the choirs of the angels. We will remain human, but be in par with them and in some cases even elevated above the angels. This is due to Christ, and not us. Christ, Who is God, shares His own Divinity with us by grace, and so we become His hands and feet in an even more dignified in Church-Triumphant (Heaven).

Now, consider this fact: the angels in heaven have never sinned. Not once. They defeated that temptation instantaneously in their first decision, in their one and only test at the dawn of their creation. Can you imagine what this means? That those who have sinned rank higher than those who have not? How is this possible?

I guess this means that when God forgives us, He actually does, and our sins count for nothing in the Kingdom.

Do whatever you need to do to obtain this forgiveness. Tell the whole unbridled truth in Confession. Unite yourself to a rehab program if you find yourself addicted to anything. Chase after the great reward of dignity that comes from the reception of Mercy. And don’t be downcast: you are about to exchange your sins for a greater dignity than the angels.


Photo: Gavin Allanwood, Unsplash / PD-US
Guest Writer

Guest Writer

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