Forgive God?

A priest friend recently went on retreat where he concelebrated a Mass with another priest. This other priest began the liturgy by saying, “Before we call to mind our sins, let us think of the ways that we need to forgive God.”

Forgive God? Absurd! We have no need to forgive Him who is perfect! All of His ways are right and true. I am always amazed at people who say they are angry at God — this shows a lack of understanding of three things. First, our status as creatures — we are not in any way equal to His greatness and transcendence. Who are we to get angry with God? As it says in Scripture, how can the clay say to the potter, “What are you doing?” Second, it shows a lack of understanding of God’s goodness. God is love, and everything He does or allows is out of love. Third, it shows a shortsightedness about the meaning of this life. Our lives here are never meant to be an end in themselves — we are put here for a short time only so that we can be spiritually prepared to spend eternity with Him. If someone is angry with God because of a suffering or tragedy they have endured, it is because they have forgotten that this life is only temporary — we must keep our eyes on eternity.

In the end, we must say in humility and trust (as they say at Camp Veritas):

“There is a God, and I am not Him!”

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