Walking on Water

When Christ walked on water, it must have truly been both a baffling and amazing sight for the apostles. I am sure both fear and wonder pierced their hearts. Is it a trick? Is this for real? How is this possible? Who is this man?

These are the same questions that we ask about Jesus today. When we read about His miracles, doubt may invade our minds. Is it for real? Could it be that the people of the time were more easily fooled since science had no answers yet? Walking on water and multiplying food? How is that possible? It must be a trick.

Indeed, for a non-believer, these are reasonable questions. To accept the Divinity of Christ, a leap of faith is always needed. This word ‘faith’ is usually taboo for the ‘atheistic scientist’. But actually, faith is needed in everything we believe in.

We need faith to believe in the Big Bang Theory because none of us were present to physically witness the creation of the world. We need faith in the engineers’ work to board an airplane or an elevator.

Sometimes, we marvel too much at man-made creations that we tend to not notice the wondrous creation of man himself.


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