The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Hail Mary

This has got to be one of my absolute favorite stories in the Bible. (I have to shamefully admit that I liked it in the past merely because it had a female protagonist!)

I had a chance encounter with a blessed brother in Christ, and he said so many things that my heart really needed to hear.
The Holy Spirit works in strange ways indeed!

There’s so much to reflect on, but this is the one thing that was impressed on my heart the most: that I am called to be like Mother Mary — a portable tabernacle.Hail Mary

Mary, even though she was pregnant, rushed to help her cousin Elizabeth in her time of need! Mary must have felt the nausea of morning sickness, the initial discomfort due to crazy hormones and her body’s reaction to them.

Nonetheless, Mary hurried to meet Elizabeth. Upon the meeting of the two women, John jumped in Elizabeth’s womb!

The call to love is this: Can I bring Christ to others even when I don’t feel up to it, how about even in my moments of struggle? When others meet me, will their souls rejoice because they see Christ in me?


Originally posted at Catholic Rambles.

Nathalie Fernandez

Nathalie Fernandez

Nathalie Rachel Fernandez loves to engage in conversation (especially with strangers!), go on cheap backpacking trips around South-East Asia and make friends in the most random of places. She teaches General Paper at a junior college and she’s passionate about getting young people to adopt an attitude of gratitude and think about life and why we’re all put here on earth. A Roman Catholic revert, she left the faith in folly and came back home to a loving Father. She is pursuing a Certificate of Theology at the Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore, and falling in love with our Lord more and more each day!

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2 thoughts on “The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary”

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    The annunciation account, as inspired by the Holy Spirit, is filled with little details that we can easily miss. One of the classic titles of Mary is Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Indeed, Elizabeth is filled with the Holy Spirit and is inspired to remark: “as soon as I heard your greeting, the baby within me jumped with gladness.” In fact, it was in this moment that Elizabeth was “filled with the Holy Spirit” and proclaims (for the first time) the secret that the Lord is now incarnate in the womb of Mary, and Elizabeth is enlightened to add “How happy are you to believe.” With this act, Mary brings about the necessary step for the healing of Eve’s lack of faith and trust and launches humanity on a new hope filled path by becoming mother of the Messiah God.

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