Shout Your Motherhood

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Another Mother’s Day is upon us and with it come innumerable emotions. At the forefront, of course, is the beauty and blessing of cooperating with God (and your husband) in the creation of another, unique soul. Marriage, love, and God bring a gift beyond measure – motherhood. The value of this gift is biblically recounted numerous times. And so it is – for those who are thus blessed.

Other women struggle to become mothers. While they possess the requisite love and spouse, their biology betrays them. Some struggle for years and never succeed in receiving the gift from God they so desperately desire. Others find strains in their relationship or a feeling of hopelessness. Some eventually succeed, whether biologically or through the life-affirming gift of adoption. Still others find a niche as aunt, teacher, nurse, or religious sister. These nurturing women cannot be dismissed. Their gift of love is given at exactly the right place at the right time – think Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

Motherhood Betrayed

Yet, the world today betrays this nurturing gift that God places on the hearts of women. A Culture of Death permeates society and fills minds with destructive clutter. Instead of rightly praising womanhood and, therefore motherhood, we are told that women are only as relevant as the men with which they compete in the workforce. Society drives women to seek career instead of motherhood. Their nurturing value is detracted as an emotional weakness. Pregnancy is looked upon as a disease and sex becomes a recreational pastime.

This secular outlook drives both men and women to sinfully lust-filled lives. They seek only pleasure. Mutual self-giving, as desired by Jesus, is looked upon as folly. Planned Parenthood and associated pro-abortion forces step in and offer their own demonic solution – abortion – tempting both men and women to vilify motherhood. This prideful quest brings campaigns to encourage child sacrifice, such as #ShoutYourAbortion

Vibrant Motherhood

Yet, the truth could not be further from this sinful portrayal. Motherhood has a plentitude of positives. It is vibrant with self-giving love. The proper nurture of a true mother raises and promotes generations of successful citizens. More importantly, it creates souls that live for the love of God. A mother instills values, faith, and love of others. She emulates the very Mother of God – the Blessed Virgin herself.

Mothers are capable and strong as well. They are able to maintain their nurturing gifts while mothering multiple children, providing care for ill children, and working to help provide for their families. They may struggle, yet they overcome. Their silent tears may sometimes fall when only God Himself can hear their pleas. Yet they endure and their families thrive. Mothers patiently wait for the conversion of their children and they overcome trying marriages – think Saint Monica. Motherhood is, in a word, joy!

God’s Perfect Plan

God had a perfect plan in mind when He created mothers. He gave them the perfect combination of every imaginable trait necessary for all that life would ask of her. Motherhood is a treasure. It is something of which to be proud. Fulfilling God’s plan by nurturing the souls entrusted to her by God is a worthy and admirable vocation. We dare not undermine the importance of mothers, for they are truly God’s gift to the world. Making their homes a domestic church that honors Him. Be proud and grateful that God has called you. #ShoutYourMotherhood

Note: in solidarity with all mothers and their undeniable value to the world, I invite you to join the #ShoutYourMotherhood campaign. Use the hashtag and let the world know your worth or the worth of a mother you admire. Share photos of your families and share the perfection of God’s plan!

I created the memes below for this event. Feel free to share them with #ShoutYourMotherhood as well. Also check out “In Honor of Mother’s Day: Cute Babies“. Let’s light up the world with the beauty of motherhood!









Originally posted at Catholic Life In Our Times.

Birgit Jones

Birgit Jones

Birgit finds herself immersed in writing on her blog, Catholic Life In Our Times, where she reflects on current events with a Catholic, pro-life perspective. She also serves as Graphic Editor and Contributing Columnist at Catholic Stand as well as writing for other online Catholic publications.

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