Mother Mary at the Resurrection

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According to tradition, the first person to see the Risen Christ was not Mary Magdalene. Tradition has it that Jesus appeared first to His mother, Mary, before appearing to others.

Imagine the beauty of that meeting. Mary surely knew that Christ would rise again, that God would somehow bring good out of the tragedy of the Cross. Yet she suffered in soul what Christ suffered in body — the agony, the torture, the grief worse than death. Her soul was as broken as His body, as she was reluctantly led from the tomb to await an uncertain future.

But then came the most joyous, glorious meeting – when Christ appeared, triumphant and alive, to Mary. Love Himself appeared to the only one to love perfectly. Imagine the reunion! The joy of Mary to see her Son conquer death itself! The reward of Mary’s boundless faith is to see Him in Whom she believed!


Image: La Madonna che scappa, The Running Madonna (The Virgin Mary Running Through the Square)

Fr. Joseph Gill

Fr. Joseph Gill

Fr. Joseph Gill grew up in a musical family in Frederick, MD, the oldest of five children. His father taught him piano from a young age, and his mother often sang in the church choir. He began writing songs very young, honing his skill further when he received his first guitar. After his conversion, he dedicated his life and his songwriting to the Lord. Fr. Gill was ordained a Catholic priest in May 2013. He is currently serving at the Basilica of Saint John the Evangelist, Stamford, Connecticut. He shares his homilies at The Cross Stands While the World Turns.

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2 thoughts on “Mother Mary at the Resurrection”

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    I have often wondered that same idea, of Jesus appearing to his Earthy Mother. Only this, like so many other items in the Hidden Life was a private moment, and could distract from the primary message of the Resurrection.

  2. Avatar

    It seems there is a strong bond between Jesus and Mary
    Joseph was older, and there was no SocSec. Jesus took responsibility for His mom. We see this at His crucifixion, where He puts her in Johns care.
    Jesus was 30 when He began His Ministry. Joseph was around when He was 12, but apparently gone at the Cana wedding, where His ministry started, with Mary’s approval.
    I wish more were known about Mary and Jesus early life. There are Church Traditions that are not known generally because they do not meet the level of Gospel. But knowledge like that doesnt have to.

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