Honey Lemon Candy

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photographer Carl Warner

A few weeks ago, I trial-tested a version of INDULGENCE with some friends from @burningbushcreativenetwork. From the Prayer through Food experiment, here’s what God revealed to us through our prayerful tasting of the honey lemon candy which I picked under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit:

– Life, like the candy, has both its sweetness and sourness which aren’t meant to be separated, but taken and embraced together to give it its tantalizing flavor.

– Without very strong or shocking flavors, the ‘ordinariness’ of the sweet allows one to suck on it without drawing much attention to it so that one may allow one’s mind to mull over truths and insights that may arise through deep reflection; similarly, life need not always be ‘exciting’ or ‘eventful’, for even the mundane daily tasks of ‘ordinary’ life can offer us much space and time for pondering and gaining new insights into life.

– Unlike other foods that tend to give pleasure for a fleeting moment, the hard candy stays in the mouth and continues to give flavor to our taste buds for a long-lasting period of time, just like how any strong and reliable friendship (with God or others) ought to exemplify in our lives.

– How long I get to savor the hard candy depends on how much I can resist the temptation to want to bite into the hard sweet and get to the core of it quickly, yet ruin the entire experience that’s meant to be enjoyed slowly; this reflects the temptation we face to want to get to the ‘core’ of God’s plan for us quickly instead of being willing to wait upon Him and savor the waiting process and what it has to offer.

The above truths and insights affirmed me of the new path I have chosen to take, and invite me:
– to embrace the sweet excitement and anticipation of what is to come along with the sour fears and anxieties of the uncertainty ahead
– to let the ‘ordinariness’ of my lay apostolate life be a source of deeper truth and life for myself and others
– to be a lasting friend and companion on the journey to those on the ground and along the fringes
– to not be impatient in getting to the ‘core’ of His plan for me, but savor the waiting process that builds faith and trust within me


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Nicholas Lye

Nicholas Lye

Nicholas Lye is a Singaporean currently on a year's sabbatical from the seminary, discerning his path in life and striving to facilitate encounters with God in the workplace and ordinary life.

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