A Vision

Who am I to deserve a place inside the house of the highest King?

After almost 7 years, I finally attended a praise and worship event together with adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with my dear friends from #anawim_sg.

It was wonderful to experience beauty after not embracing it for such a long time. An image kept popping in my mind throughout:

A vivid glimpse of Jesus Christ on His throne. He was blazing with white light, surrounded by fire, electricity and water. By His side, the Blessed Virgin Mary in a sky blue robe. Behind Him, a whole multitude of Saints — impossible to count, all dressed in glowing white.

I teared as I realized this multitude consisted of all my favorite Saints I love and studied so much on for the past year and half: Peter, Paul, John, James, Augustine, Aquinas, Teresa, Maximilian Kolbe, John Paul II. Countless more who suffered gruesome deaths for their Faith whose names I had forgotten, but briefly read about.

It hit me so sharply that every single one of us here in this room and on earth are marching onward towards Heaven together, as one Church. May we confidently work out our salvation with fear and trembling! Thank you Lord, for gracing me with this vision! Undoubtedly, my Faith has been yet again strengthened.


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