Lord of the Absurd

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I’ve been struggling with bouts of my depression “coming back” to haunt me and take over my life. I don’t think we ever fully recover from depression; I think we just live with it better.

I was reading Peter Kreeft’s The Three Philosophies of Life and I came across this text that spoke directly to the inner demons inside of me.

Father Raymond Nogar refers to God as “Lord of the Absurd”, as compared to and distinct from the comfortable and convenient God of our own expectations and categorizations.

“If God himself, the all-wise designer of the whole story we are in, were not this shocking and surprising ‘Lord of the Absurd’ but rational, predictable, comfortable, and convenient, then life would not be a mystery to be lived but a problem to be solved, not a love story but a detective story, not a tragicomedy but a formula. For tragedy and comedy are the two primary forms of mystery, and if Job teaches us anything, it is that we are living in a mystery.”

Prayers today for those who are going through depression or episodes/bouts of depressive moods. I pray that we will be graced with the strength to trudge on, the faith to cling on to the hope that there is something beyond us. Just because we cannot perceive the glory that awaits us in heaven, doesn’t mean it’s not there.


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