Love and Time

How can I love Jesus more deeply? This is a question I try to ask myself daily. Or if, sadly — and these things happen sometimes — I have fallen out of love with God, how can I rekindle and re-fall in love with Him?

I think we can only deepen our relationship with Jesus the same way that a man and woman deepen their relationship with each other. Our human relationships are very analogous to our relationship with God.

Time is indeed of the essence. Whenever we love someone, we desire to give our time to them. Similarly, I try to remind myself daily: “Have I spent enough time with Jesus today?”

I think time is one of the most precious gifts we have to give. When I pray in the adoration chapel, sometimes I look more often at my watch than I do at the crucifix or tabernacle. This often reminded me of what a prisoner I was of time.

Truly, the only way to spend time with God is through prayer. Similarly, no human love can endure without daily contact. Jesus, help us all to give You more of our time!


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