Jesus on the Street

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Guest post by Catherine Santos.

It’s strange not having anything to do on a Monday, but at the same time I’m so grateful for it because it allows me to have some solid down-time with Jesus!

Today’s thought was inspired by the feast day of one of my favourite Saints, St. Thérèse of Lisieux, who said:

“What matters in life is not great deeds, but great love.”

This prompted me to ask myself: “Do my actions match with my heart?”

Mine don’t — not completely and not always. I love helping my family, friends, colleagues and in church. And this is all good and well, but Jesus calls us to love deeper — to go beyond our comfort zone.

I made a quick (and frantic) run to a store last week for last-minute items for a conference starting later that afternoon. Along the way, I noticed this rugged man standing on the street. To be honest, I’ve noticed him for a while but never had the courage to step up and say something. We made eye contact and I gave a smile. “That’s enough right, Jesus?” No. The man says “Hello,” and so I greeted him back. This simple smile and hello lead to an exchange of names and understanding why he stands on the street. This gentleman stands on the street selling magazines as a mode of income, in hope that it will help him build his skills and work experience.

In just 5 minutes, I’ve encountered Jesus: His heart, His hurt and His desire to be loved.

This broke me. I began to tear up at the thought of missed opportunities of making Jesus known to others and my failure to love Him deeper.

This message isn’t anything new, I’m sure many of us know this deep inside. But it can be easy to forget in the world we live.

I pray that we may come to know His love for us more each day and that through it, we may never hesitate to help those in need. Lord, please give me eyes to see the needs and wounds of those hurting around me. Help me not to worry about what others may think and to do everything with a heart that only desires to bring you joy and glory. In times where I don’t know how to help, please give me the ears to hear Your guiding voice so that I can truly give the best care to the person You’ve entrusted to me.

Guest Writer

Guest Writer

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