Marian Battle Plan for World Peace: Consecration and Salvation

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Last year, I finished Fr. Michael Gaitley MIC’s book, The Second Greatest Story Ever Told.

I am sure some of you know about his book 33 Days to Morning Glory sold by the Marian Fathers. The Marian book talks about Marian consecration according to St. Louis de Montfort, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Pope St. John Paul II and St. Teresa of Calcutta.

In The Second Greatest Story Ever Told, Fr. Gaitley talked about how they printed 1 million Spanish copies of the Marian book and gave 100,000 for free to Mexico.

This was very important because the drug war there led to a lot of killings. One reason why there were so many killings is because of their devotion to “Santa” Muerte, aka “Saint” of Death. The devotion is practiced by gruesome killings. They do this to gain power from the demonic spirits.

He said that this was very important because Marian Consecration in the US and Mexico is being promoted by their bishops etc to combat the killings and abortion. The Mexican bishops consecrated their entire dioceses to Mama Mary.

Does Marian Consecration work? Yes! How do we know? Let me give you two concrete examples in recent history.

Before WWII, Mama Mary got St Maximilian Kolbe to promote Marian consecration throughout Poland. Through this, she strengthened her children for the coming war. The Poles were heroically charitable and generous even in the midst of inhumane persecution and oppression. St Maximilian also went to Nagasaki, Japan to promote Marian consecration there. He also passed by Manila en route back to Poland. Notice anything about these places? Warsaw, Poland and Manila were the most devastated cities of World War II. Nagasaki was the site of the atomic bomb. Mama Mary sent him to prepare the places that would be most devastated by promoting Marian Consecration.

In more recent history; my country, the Philippines, received the best proof of this during the 1987 EDSA People Power Revolution.

In 1985, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines dedicated the year as a Marian Year. All throughout the country, there would be posters of Mama Mary. There would be conferences about Marian spirituality. Parishioners were encouraged to pray the Rosary.

This renewed devotion to Mother Mary was in the midst of Martial Law, Marcos’ dictatorship where thousands were arbitrarily abducted, tortured and killed.

From February 21 until 25, 1986, thousands of people congregated along EDSA street. In the face of tanks and soldiers, they prayed the Rosary, asking for Mama Mary’s intercession for peace in the land. They offered flowers to the soldiers. And miraculously, there was no bloodshed. The soldiers lowered their weapons and accepted the flowers. The dictator Marcos fled to Hawaii. Peace and democracy was restored to the Philippines.

Our Lady of EDSA (Our Lady of Peace)
Our Lady of EDSA (Our Lady of Peace)

It remarkable that EDSA is short for Epifanio delos Santos Avenue, “Epiphany of the Saints.” Yes, this was its name even before the peaceful revolution! The day that manifested the power of everyday saints and Mama Mary’s protection and intercession.

In the world today, there is much confusion and chaos. ISIS, Syrian war in the Middle East. Migrant crisis and economic uncertainty in Europe. Abortion and euthanasia in the United States and Canada. The genocide of drug suspects in the Philippines. In the midst of so much uncertainty, the only way the world can find peace is if it turns with trust to Mama Mary. If the Catholics throughout the world consecrated themselves to Mama Mary, her Immaculate Heart would triumph once more.

Remember that this was her promise at Fatima: that if Russia was consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, the world would find peace. St John Paul II accomplished this at Fatima on March 25, 1984. But now our Lord and our Lady are calling us to do the same. We can find peace and healing if we consecrate ourselves to Mother Mary, entrusting ourselves to her perfect care; she will bring peace back to the world as only the gentlest of mothers could.

So now as we near the 100th anniversary of Fatima, I encourage everyone to make take advantage of this special season of grace. Pray the Rosary and consecrate yourselves to Mama Mary. As she has shown throughout history, she can bring about peace in the midst of the greatest adversities. And should God permit us to suffer, she will give us the grace, courage and strength to love one another as Christ loves us on the Cross.

Images: PD-US


Leia Go is a Filipina law student. She graduated in 2011 with an AB in Interdisciplinary Studies, focusing on Literature and Philosophy from Ateneo de Manila University (Loyola Schools). Her patron saints are Mama Mary, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux and Saint Faustina. She has been a lector and altar server in her schools’ campus ministry offices since high school. She also loves volunteering at the Good Shepherd Sisters baby orphanage and is discerning a vocation to religious/consecrated life.

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5 thoughts on “Marian Battle Plan for World Peace: Consecration and Salvation”

  1. Avatar

    The only consecration that I find in Scripture is consecration directly to Jesus Christ. He is the Spirit of Peace that is actually able to inhabit us and bring us the peace that passes all understanding.

    1. Avatar

      I agree but as Catholics we look to both the Bible and tradition. Even the Bible teaches the importance of tradition! 🙂
      I understand the fear that Marian Consecration will bring us further away from Jesus. I struggled with the same temptation, days before my Marian Consecration. But as St. Louis de Montfort teaches, consecration to Mary is really consecation to Jesus through Mary. Of course Mama Mary is not on the same level as Jesus. But as His Mother and our Mother, she draws us closer to Him through her maternal care. Even in the Bible she says, “Do whatever He tells you.” She always points to her Son and not to herself. She knows Him better than anyone else. Jesus lived with her for 30 years. We can trust her to draw us closer to Him! 🙂

      1. Avatar

        The question that I have about Marian consecration is not the fear of bringing us further away from Christ. It is whether she can bring us the Spirit of Christ at all. The Spirit of Christ brings us the Spirit of the Father because the humanity of Jesus carries the Father. This is why no one can have the Father except through Jesus. Jesus, by His Spirit within us, brings us the Father because He carries Him.

        If Mary could bring us the Spirit of Christ, we would have to be able to have her spirit within us; but the Father is the one who sends the Spirit of His Son within us. This became available at Pentecost. Contrary to what Louis de Montfort says, I don’t know when Mary’s spirit was ever poured out for mankind. This would be required if she could impart the Spirit of Christ to us, which in turn, contains the Spirit of the Father. Only in this way could consecration to Mary also be consecration to Christ through Mary.

  2. Avatar

    If we, as St. Paul says, are the body of Christ and Mary is his mother, then clearly she is our mother too. This is an undeniable fact. It is the will of the Father. God respects the facts that he himself has willed. All of this becomes clear in Genesis when God tells Satan that the offspring of the “woman” (no mention of Adam or fallen Eve) is going to defeat him. It is a fact that we fell because of the lack of faith of a woman, but our salvation has come through the faith and obedience of the “woman” (as Jesus identifies her both at Cana and Calvary — the beginning and end of his mission). God does not ignore the facts that he himself has willed, and the consecration is the handing over of our lives as members of the mystical Body of Christ just as God the Father entrusted his Son (and our Head as members of his Church) to her. These are the facts that God has willed and delights in, and these facts have their consequences.

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