10 Great Books to Read During Lent

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Easter is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean these last weeks of Lent can’t be filled with even more intense prayer. One of my favorite ways to enter into the season is through spiritual reading. If you’re looking for something to boost your prayer life through the rest of Lent, take a look at my top 10 favorite books to read during Lent.

  1. Sacred Scripture | Praying with Scripture daily is wise anytime, but Lent is a great time to make it a habit again if you’ve been away from it. Make sure you have a good Catholic translation of the Bible and start small – take one of the Gospels and work on a few verses a day.
  2.  Catechism of the Catholic Church | Something I love doing is taking a section of the Catechism that deals with a struggle I’m having or trying to teach my kids and reading a small paragraph each day. I’ve read the entire Catechism front to back and I do NOT recommend reading it like an ordinary book for the spiritual benefits! Take it slow, and stick with one section at a time. (If you don’t have the most up to date second edition copy, you can view the entire Catechism online here.)
  3. Consoling the Heart of Jesus | My husband and I went through this at-home personal retreat style book last Lent together and it was wonderful. It’s simple to read and follow, and if you take the extra time to pray with each section like he recommends, the spiritual fruit is undeniable.
  4. Seven Last Words of Jesus and Mary | This book is short but packed with a lot to reflect on during Lent. It goes through moments of the life of Jesus and Mary from Cana to Calvary and unpacks the love story behind it and example we can live by.
  5. Praying with the Souls in Purgatory | This is another short book and is really eye opening in regards to the value of our fasts and prayers for the holy souls in Purgatory. I appreciated reading it during Lent because it gave a deeper meaning to what I was doing and also helped me experience Holy Thursday and the power of the Eucharist in a new way.
  6. Happy Are You Poor | Fr. Thomas Dubay wrote this on the universal call to embrace poverty as a condition for building the Kingdom of God. It is challenging but incredibly transformational. I love this book during Lent because it helps humble me and bring me back to the central message that this life is about our relationship with God and others, not about material things.
  7. Divine Mercy in My Soul (Diary of St. Faustina) | This is a huge book and much like the Catechism or Scripture, I wouldn’t recommend reading it front to back. It’s the actual writings of St. Faustina including words spoken to her by Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin. The theme of mercy is on every page which is especially appropriate for this Lent during the Year of Mercy in the Church. This is a powerful mystical reading and has helped me countless times through my life especially when going through difficult trials.
  8. Interior Castle | St. Teresa of Avila wrote this on the spiritual life and the progress the soul makes as it grows in union with Jesus. She compares the soul to a castle that has many different rooms and the inner-most room being the place of spiritual union with Jesus. It’s a spiritual classic and definitely one I go back to often.
  9. The Imitation of Mary | (There are two books by different authors with this title. I love the one by Alexander de Rouville.) This book is great to take in small portions and reflect on throughout the day. I love how simple it is written and how it helps keep me humble and focused on trying to love like Mary which is perfect for Lent.
  10. Abandonment to Divine Providence | This is another spiritual classic that I’ve found particularly fruitful to read during Lent. I probably end up reading at least a portion (it not all of it) once a year.
Angie Windnagle

Angie Windnagle

Angie is mother to three wild and sweet boys and wife to college sweetheart, Jake. In 2008, she earned her degree from Franciscan University of Steubenville in Catechetics and Theology. In the past, she worked as a full time Youth Director. She now spends her time focusing on the awesome and humbling task of educating her children and growing in holiness as a family. You can find her over at her blog, www.yellowpelican.net, where she encourages and supports Catholic families. Angie also likes puppies, the ocean, and strong coffee.

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    I stumbled across and am reading this Lent a perhaps forgotten masterpiece which enjoyed a good deal of popularity a hundred years ago: “Christ in His Mysteries” by Blessed Columba Marmion. I believe it has been said there is nothing new in the book, rather it said what was needed to be said at that time and needed now in a beautiful way.

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