7 Websites Every Catholic Should Visit

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There are many great Catholic websites on the web, but have you heard of these seven? 

1. Tiny Saints These pocket size little caricatures are the perfect accessory to any Catholic. They”re hip, they”re cool, and they”re “pretty much the coolest saint charms ever.” Wear as a necklace, put on your keychain, tag on your dog”s collar. Wherever you go carry one of them with you!

2. Pray More Novenas John Paul and Annie Deddens over at praymorenovenas.com were inspired a few years ago to bring novenas right to your inbox. How many times have you begun a novena to miss a day or two? Now, with emails delivered each day of the novena, you are bound to remember. Plus, you are praying with thousands of others. Check out this interview!

3. Eye of the Tiber If you don”t already know about this one, you should. Read it. You will understand why. Here is one of my favorites.

4. Vatican On a more serious note. This site provides a plethora of Catholic information, including the Pope”s homilies, audiences, and encyclicals.

5. DecentFilms I just came across this site and think it”s fabulous. As an avid movie goer, I find this site helpful. However, can we get a review for The Goonies, please?!

6. Zenit A Catholic news source based in Rome, bringing you the latest in news regarding Pope Francis, the Vatican and the Catholic Church.

7. Stuart’s Study Looking for a good book to read? Want to buy a great book for your kid? Look no further, Stuart covers everything from fiction to Theology and offers a thorough and thoughtful perspective.

What is one of YOUR favorite Catholic websites?



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15 thoughts on “7 Websites Every Catholic Should Visit”

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    I check every day the following for inspiration and news affecting faithful Catholics:

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      Kristin Glomstad

      I have been following LifeSite news for several years and have recently been very disappointed with their coverage of the Catholic Church. I’m not sure if it’s an overall anti-Catholicism that is coming through or if they just really don’t like Pope Francis, but there have been a number of articles in the last week that have been very unfairly critical and disrespectful of the Vatican and the Pope. I wish they would focus on life issues and stop polarizing the pro-life community, but as it is they’ve lost me as a reader.

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    Some of the best are listed in these comments. I like gloria.tv news. It has important content AND it’s like a Catholic Facebook, allowing people to share their links, post their own content, upload audio and video, etc. as always, “the more Catholic the better,” and all without ads!

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    Pray, My children. A constant vigilance of prayer must be kept throughout your country and the world. Do not abandon My Son in His Church. Do not be deluded by those who call the Mass invalid. My Son is there. He does not want the doors to close in His houses, His Church, for He is the door. Though robbers and thieves often enter, He is still the door. Come and seek Him in His House.” – Our Lady
    My children, I have asked you not to abandon My Son’s House, His Church upon earth. But I must also counsel you that you must recognize the faces of evil about you, even in My Son’s House.
    “Regardless of the state of the soul or the human body and its frailties in the body and the nature of man in the priesthood—regardless of how he disports himself upon earth, as a legally ordained priest, he will have the power through the Holy Spirit to bring My Son’s Body to you.” – Our Lady
    “I have asked you once, I have asked you again, My children, not to abandon your parish churches. It is the plan of satan to shut the doors. Remember, My children, and I repeat again, that My Son is with you in the Eucharist. He is present with you in Body and Spirit. He will be brought to you by a legally-ordained priest, a man of God. Do not judge My Son’s Church or its structure by the ways of man. The Spirit will work miracles over the corruption of the man. A legally-ordained priest is a priest for life.” – Our Lady
    “Do you understand Me, My children? I ask you not to abandon My Son’s Church in the crisis of Faith now, but to keep the bark of Peter afloat. I ask you not to remain silent when you meet with wrongdoing, but to speak out and act to correct a situation that is offensive to your God and destructive to your soul. Speak once, and if not hastened or listened to, speak no more, but pray that the Eternal Father in Heaven will open up the ears of those who have closed their hearts and their ears to the truth.” – Our Lady
    “The true Sacrifice has been replaced by a meal! Have you forgotten My death upon the cross? You have homes to eat at. Do not come to My House to eat! When you come you are to receive the Bread of life. It is physical and supernatural. I come among you in true Presence. The enemies in My House wish to take this knowledge from among you.” – Jesus
    “There cannot be a Church of My Son looking like a Quaker meeting place. It is the House of God, My children and My child; My Son’s Church is a House of God, and all come to honor Him. They do not come to have a social gathering.
    “There must be holiness returned to My Son’s Church. This responsibility weighs heavily on the shoulders of the clergy, the hierarchy. I assure you, My clergy, unless you act immediately upon the counsel from Heaven, many mitres shall fall into hell.” – Our Lady
    “Place more attention upon the Holy Sacrifice. It is being celebrated in a manner that is not approved of by the Eternal Father. Take the time to honor your God with your heart. My brothers and sisters, the Holy Sacrifice cannot be celebrated in thirty minutes, or even in sixty minutes, properly. There is no time in Heaven, and you shall not place a time upon the Holy Sacrifice on your earth.” – St. Padre Pio
    “The simple plan for the redemption of mankind was given you in the past by your prophets. Already, we hear you clamor for the ordination of women! No woman shall stand in My House to represent Me! How dare you bring heresy to My House! I shall go among you and I shall sling you out from My temples!” – Jesus,
    “I ask this of you as your God: in the Holy Sacrifice that I left with you, I did not ask for women to be upon the altar, nor try to be a high priestess. They carry this on in the churches of Satan; therefore, it shall not be carried on in My Church.
    “When I had the Last Supper with the Apostles, My Mother was not present. If I had it in My power from the Eternal Father to make a priestess, I would surely have chosen My Mother; but, no, there were no women present at the first Dedication.” – Jesus

    “Yes, My child, Jesus is always present in His House. The Holy Sacrifice of His Mass is always valid when performed by a duly ordained priest. No matter what his human character is, at the time of the Consecration the Father sends the Holy Spirit down to use this human being known as your high priest, to bring to you the Body and the Blood, spiritual and physical, of My Son to you….
    “You ask, My child, about the state of soul of the priesthood. This, My child, is not for you to question or judge. A human being he is, yes. Subject to error, yes. Subject to fall, yes. But still during the Consecration, and when he hears you in the confessional, the Holy Spirit comes down upon him, using him as an instrument to bring absolution to you.
    “It is satan’s plan to drive you from My Son’s House by creating a fallacy and the outright lie, My children, that the Mass is no longer valid and My Son not present! We see and watch and use human instruments to make the corrections necessary to right the houses of My Son. Many have hardened their hearts and do not listen to these warnings from Heaven. Then, My child, all the Father can do is to chastise them.” – Our Lady
    Your protector and the guardian of your Faith has not been entered into the houses of My Son. Know that you will deceive yourselves with this action. Michael must be entered into the prayers and hearts of mankind. All clergy, all shepherds of the flock, must praise the Father through His guardian, Michael. You must return Michael in your prayers after the Holy Sacrifice!” – Our Lady
    “Should you go and wish to buy a small instrument, even a guitar, that We hear plucking away at the dervishly, and devilry, of what is called the musical Mass, strung by guitars, and other creations of satan.” – Our Lady, September 7, 1985
    “Shorts, slacks, shall not be worn in the presence of My Son! There will be no rationalization accepted for the commission of these acts of impurity.” – Our Lady
    “My children, kneel before your God in the Eucharist. Do not stand like you stand in meeting halls, but kneel and give Him a just love and observance of honor.” – Our Lady
    All honor must be given to My Son in the Eucharist. Man must kneel. My Son’s House is the House of God and a house of prayer, and it must not be turned into a meeting hall.” – Our Lady
    “You will not bring about a conversion of those who are presently apostate by compromising your Faith or changing the construction of the exterior lines of My Church; and by that I mean the physical appearance and the manner in which you conduct the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
    “Many are giving My Body in a manner that can only be called blasphemy. Many are accepting My Body in the Eucharist in a manner that defames the Divinity, and also promotes unholiness, paganism, and impurity of heart and actions during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.” – Jesus

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