Happy Fault

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On the way to work one day, you get into a car crash.  The hassle aggravates you.  But in a phone conversation with your insurance agent, you share the Gospel, and his eternal destination changes.  From this perspective outside of time, you would of course consent to a minor car wreck that wrought another person’s salvation.

When time is no more, the veil will be pulled back, and we shall see why God orchestrated all of history as He did.  It will be our “Aha” moment.  We will understand why He allowed 5.5 million babies to die by abortion in this country and 16 million by starvation in China.  At the end of time, we will consent to all God’s ways, all His will.  We will see the other side of the tapestry whose messy underside has been this world.

If we know we will consent to His will at the end of time, why do we not consent to it now?  If we know we will say “yes” then, why do we not affirm His ways today?  Why do we postpone the submission of our wills?

Just as Christ carries His wounds into Heaven, so His saints carry theirs.  Those blessed with the stigmata retain it in Heaven.  The martyrs display their glorious crosses, arrows, and firebrands.  As Christ’s wounds testify to His victory, so our wounds point to our share in His crown.  God chooses to work through our sin and sadness.  He could have accomplished our sainthood another way, but He chose to do it through free will.  He desires free beings who love Him.

Mother Theresa believed that when Jesus says, “I thirst” from the cross, He is thirsting for souls.  He desires to give Himself to all, to feast with His flock, to serve them His own flesh.  When Jesus said, “Father, let this cup pass from Me,” He foresaw in full the chalice He would drink.  He knew every suffering on the road from Gethsemane to Golgotha.  And He chose it for us.  If Mary Proffit had been the only sinner on earth, God would still have died for Mary Proffit.  When God created Adam, He foresaw how all history would unfold.  He chose to redeem us even when He created it.  He saw through the tragedy to the glorious end.

Thus we pray felix culpa, O happy fault which purchased for us so great a Redeemer.  Had the apple never been taken, we would never have had Mary for our Queen.  As Eve took the fruit from the tree in disobedience, so Mary offers Her Son on the tree in obedience.  Blessed be the time the apple was taken.  Therefore we sing Deo gratias.


Mary Proffit Kimmel

Mary Proffit Kimmel

Mary Proffit Kimmel teaches literature, Greek, and Latin and attends St. Basil the Great Byzantine Catholic Church.

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