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Commenting on gender reassignment as “treatment” for people with gender identity issues a few years ago, Wesley Smith said :

People want to be fulfilled and lead happy lives as “themselves.” Very well. But I also worry that once we accept the premise that we have a fundamental right to be physically remade to comport with how we feel about ourselves—and to have society act in accordance—we will have crossed a cultural Rubicon, leading to extreme outcomes.

disabled-parking-signIt’s a “slippery slope” concern that’s not totally without merit. Consider: the mental illness once known as body integrity identity disorder (BIID), that now goes by the catchy new moniker “transability“.

Such word engineering suggests that this may very well be the next stage in radical self-recreationism.

Typically, people with BIID do not accept one or more of their own limbs and seek to amputate them. But, “transabled” seems to encompass any otherwise able-bodied person who wants transform his or her body to obtain a physical impairment.

“Surely no doctor would ever cut off a healthy limb!”, you say. You’d think so, wouldn’t you? They already have in a few isolated cases. And its being proposed on a wider scale. Along with snipping spinal cords and other such nonsense.

“Okay, but, society would never allow such a thing to become mainstream,” you protest. No? Just look how easily the media has already slipped into the term “transabled.” It may only be a matter of time.

Transient times“, indeed.

I wrote more about this a few years ago:
Transhumanism: Amputating Healthy Limbs
UK Woman Wants Spinal Cord Cut
Wanting to be Disabled?

Chelsea Zimmerman

Chelsea Zimmerman

Chelsea Zimmerman editor-in-chief for Catholic Lane and a managing editor for Ignitum Today and Catholic Stand. She often writes about life issues and Catholic spirituality and has been featured on EWTN's Life on the Rock. Last year she started the pro-life video series BioTalk. Her website is Reflections of a Paralytic.

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1 thought on ““Transabled””

  1. Avatar

    . There is one subgroup at minimum who have a legitimate right to look into gender confusion solutions…the chimeric individual.
    They have the dna of two people through a freak accident in the womb. A woman has two fertilized fraternal twin eggs, male and female, laying too close to each other within her. Several hours after fertilization they fuse due to this proximity and the woman gives birth months later to one person who should have been a boy and girl fraternal set of twins. Wiki has a good article on it and I met one long ago when I was a camp counselor and had a young boy as a camper. He had the legs, feet, and pretty eyes etc. of a girl but was predominantly male. For days after he first arrived, other children…9, 10 years old…would simply innocently ask him: ” are you a boy or a girl?” He was apparently a chimera or chimeric individual who had the dna of what should have been boy/ girl fraternal twins. Such people are innocent as they begin to look for a solution. The next group are not innocent.
    ” A woman shall not wear the things of a man nor a man the things of a woman, such are an abomination to the Lord”..
    Deuteronomy 22:5. This is not about chimerics but about normal people who through hidden sin failures do not want their gender.
    I Cor.16:13 says, ” Act like men”. Some males do not want to live up to manhood which must be achieved and is not a given.
    Some women covet some aspects of maleness. After such thoughts go on for years, they veer publically in some cases into the sin of transgender.
    Chimerics are innocent in their nascent search for identity
    amidst gender confusion. But there are others who are biologically normal but sinfully covetous of aspects of the opposite gender.

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