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Brandon Vogt, social media guru and self-proclaimed bibliophile extraordinaire is at it again. His latest project, Read More Books Now, a multi-media package that helps busy people like you and me read more books, is now available. Brandon reads anywhere from 75-100 books in a year, so I counted myself lucky to receive advance entrance into the program as I have been struggling to keep a constant page count. After going through the program, I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Peter Kreeft’s endorsement:


Here’s how it works:

When you join, you instantly receive access to a myriad of options to help you read more books. The first and most inviting for on-the-go social media types like me is a collection of 10 videos that last about 10 minutes each.

On top of that, Brandon makes his reading secrets even more accessible by offering not only the video series, but also an eBook and an audio book to boot. And to make this program even more enticing, he has a link that will let you download one FREE audiobook of your choosing as a prescribed method in one of this videos.

In one week, I nearly tripled my pages read and still had time to complete my day-to-day tasks. Like eating a well-balanced diet, Brandon’s advice is a good reminder of what a healthy readers can and should be consuming on a daily basis.

Ready to take YOUR reading to the next level? Sign up now!

TJ Burdick

TJ Burdick

TJ Burdick is the lead author of One Body, Many Blogs, Advice for Christian Bloggers. He is also a school teacher by trade, a lay Catholic by grace and a husband and father of three by vocation. He writes to help support Catholic charities and to put food on the table for his family as his teaching wages are very humble. When he is not enjoying time with his family, you can find him planning his next big lesson or locked inside an adoration chapel. You can find more of his work at @

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