Look Really Cute and Eat All You Want

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Here are some of my tips for eating as much as you want and never worrying about weight… it’s all just added cuteness.

  1. Make sure your ingredients are all natural. I make sure mine are not processed, not artificial, straight from the source and unaltered. Nature knows best I say.
  2. Have food and drink always on hand. Mine is available at all times throughout the day and even at night. Whenever I feel hungry, I can eat right away.
  3. Eat several small meals instead of three big ones. I eat at least seven smaller meals throughout the day.
  4. Stay active. Eating all you want goes hand in hand with staying active and playful all day. I have lots of energy that I make an effort to use up throughout the day.
  5. Don’t worry about how you look. It’s all about how you feel. Do you feel hungry? Do you feel happy? Are you getting lots of play and exercise? Your happiness will shine through.
  6. Make sure to get lots of touch and love into your day. Hugs, kisses, skin to skin contact… these are all great. That way, food won’t be filling a void it can never possibly fill.
  7. The most important tip of all: make sure every meal is in the context of relationship. Meals are to be shared with other people: with lots of eye-to-eye contact and conversation. If that’s not possible, at least make it a quality, sit-down meal.

Sometimes adults can lose track of what’s most important in life. Babies can remind us about what’s essential to our nature and what is basic to us as human beings. So let’s take these lessons from children to heart and live our basic needs more intensely.


And really, am I not the cutest?


Adelaide is an (almost) three-month old blogger who lives in Lisbon, Portugal. Other than breastfeeding, Adelaide’s hobbies include taking walks in her stroller, looking at books, listening to people sing and kicking her legs.

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Julie Machado

Julie Machado

Julie Machado is a 30-year-old wife, mother and Portuguese-American who grew up in California, but moved to Portugal for college and has been there ever since. She has a degree in Theology from the Catholic University of Lisbon and has special interest in Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. She blogs at Marta, Julie e Maria.

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