Men and Women Are Not Equal

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Men Women EqualityI am sorry to be the one to raise this issue but I am going to put it straight out there so there is no confusion: men and women are not equal. For two things to be perfectly equal they would need to be the same and it should be self-evident that a man and a woman are not the same. Not only are they different on the physical level but they differ in almost every way they relate to the world around them. Men and women have different communication skills, different uses of emotion and even different perceptions of pain. However just because men and women are different does not mean that one is better than the other, in fact the very existence of humanity depends on these differences. These differences are what we might call complementary and they are part of the richness and design of humanity.

We have a major problem in our modern society though, we want everything to be ‘equal’, at least equal in the way we think it should be equal. Marriage has to be suited to whatever combination certain people desire lest it be discriminatory, faith-based employers are forced into employing those not of, or contrary to, faith, and some workplaces have quotas placed upon them in order to employ equal numbers of men and women.

The issue came to the fore recently when Australia voted in a new Liberal Prime Minster and the inner cabinet contained only one woman. The uproar across media agencies lasted the best part of a week with the new cabinet being compared, in an amusing but meaningless way, to the political cabinet of Afghanistan which has three women. The Liberal party has no particular quota on the number of women who must be selected, basing itself on merit, whereas the outgoing Labor party has a self-imposed policy that aims to preselect women as candidates in a minimum of 40% of seats. Imposing quotas though seems to be a rather disingenuous way to respect women. How is a woman selected under a quota regime supposed to know if she is there for her particular talents or simply to meet a politically correct criteria?

This is where society is getting it wrong; a false notion of equality. It begins at a subliminal level where the message is diffused that one’s gender is a social construction, meaning that a woman is a woman because she was dressed in a skirt and given dolls as a child, and a man is a man because he was dressed in trousers and given toy trucks. It is worth remembering that the term ‘gender’ came about in the early 1960’s in an attempt to differentiate between one’s biological sex and imposed sociocultural roles. In Sweden, toy company catalogues must now show images of boys playing with dolls and girls with guns, and vice versa, and in 2012 the Swedes introduced the genderless pronoun “hen” instead of “han” (he) and “hon” (she). One of their state-sponsored preschools has tried to obliterate the male/female distinction among children, so the children are not called boys and girls, but friends.

When a society fails to understand the nature of men and women it is true that everything can look unfair but we set rather arbitrary standards of where fairness lies. Men dominate senior positions in the largest global companies, most likely because they have particular natural abilities to do those tasks well. Women dominate the raising of the next generation of humanity and professions which nurture and educate, most likely because they have particular natural abilities to do those tasks well. Of course there will always be men and women who have certain talents which mean they are better in tasks that are not as common for their sex and that is fine also. If we were sincere about the equality issue we would insist that besides a quota of women in leadership positions, a set number of men become carers to the disabled and work at home raising children. However this is not an issue about genuine equality, it is an issue about power, we all want to be out there doing what is seen to be the most important job at the time, but meanwhile we so often forget where the important things lie.

Men and women are not ‘equal’ in their gifts but both sexes have a multitude of specific gifts and we always remain equal in our dignity as human persons. The more we focus on false notions of power and equality the less happy and satisfied we will be. Better that we realise and highlight the complementarity that men and women share and use it to make our world a better and more just place.

Bernard Toutounji

Bernard Toutounji

Bernard Toutounji is an Australian Catholic writer and speaker. He writes a fortnightly column called Foolish Wisdom ( which examines afresh issues within news, culture or faith. One of Bernard’s favourite quotes comes from Edith Stein who said "All those who seek truth seek God whether this is clear to them or not". Bernard is married to Jane and they have two daughters.

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  1. The problem is that in your world, women are required to act “feminine,” which means to exhibit a bunch of behaviors that can be summarized as “cowardly, dimwitted, and doormat-like.” You ramble about “equal dignity,” but unless women have equal power we will NEVER have equal dignity. Men will always demand that we kowtow to them. We will always be the helpless dependents of whatever male we are assigned to, grovelling for the ability to eat and love indoors. We won’t be respected or allowed to use our intellects, and the intellect is the only thing that makes us human.

      1. Tis is exactly why I reject this argument. I stated facts and you offer me a hug instead of respecting my argument. Femininity means being a doormat and grovelling to men instead of acting like an adult. Do you respect women as intelligent and autonomous adults or do you expect us to defer to you and be entirely creatures of emotion?

      2. I cannot respect your post because it reeks of emotion. Angry, bitter emotion. You complain that women are stereotyped as emotional when that is exactly how you sound – emotional. Karen, you presented no facts, just anger. By the way, I am a woman and I appreciated this article.

      3. Poor response. Post is condescending and states nothing but an attack on the poster herself.
        As a human, I found this article poorly reasoned justification for maintaining the status quo.
        The two ‘real-world’ examples in article are spurious or impossibly vague. Any one can make a similarly specious statement as the one about CEOs in the article – for example ‘most US Presidents have come from states East of the Mississippi, therefore Easteners must naturally be better suited for role than Westeners’. Both statements fail to take into account social, historical, and political influences, resulting yet claim false causal relationships and conclusions.

        Couldn’t tell if you intentionally failed to glean & address the intention of her posts. I’ve summarized it to help you and Geoffrey Miller so it’s not missed a 2nd time —- the attributes touted to be desirable (and ‘natural’) for women do not yield nearly the same dignity/respect/power as desirable male attributes; as a result women are at a severe disadvantage and often reliant (childlike) in their reliance on men to bestow them, at their discretion, respect and dignity. Until this disparity is acknowledged and addressed, there is no genuine equality.

        Btw what is the highest position/status a woman can reach using her ‘natural’ skills?? For a man, apparently CEO is top, which is concrete & all can relate to. For a woman, article just says something vague and intangible about some ‘nurturing’ support role. Hmmm I wonder what specific desirable ‘female’ employment position(s) the author would say rivals the ‘dignity’ of CEO. I’m certainly interested as I can’t think of any.

      4. everything reeks of emotion,you cant not say something without emotion,so your point is invalid.

      5. aren’t you showing emotion now.. 0_o what’s your point? men have emotions too they just don’t show it as much.

      6. So, what is wrong with emotions? We are human. Aren’t we supposed to have emotions? The less emotions you show, the more you resemble someone who has a social disorder, someone without empathy. I like it when men or women show emotion.

      7. Insecure people have a problem with emotions, as do those who are threatened by women.

        A man can flip out, scream, pitch a hissy fit in a boardroom meeting, but never will he get labelled as having an “emotional tirade”. He will be called demanding, psycho, out of control, but never, ever emotional. There’s definitely a double standard, and that’s what has to stop, not human emotions.

      8. Excuse me but I disagree of its “reeking of emotion” but even it it did—so what? All humans have emotions — that does not mean anyone’s points are invalid. I may as well say your posts reek of intellect and are devoid of emotion which makes them invalid.

      9. How about we stop the pointless tone arguments and address what really needs to be addressed? Karen posted an impassioned response to this biased and self-congratulatory post, and in return got smug, condescending indifference… from a self-identified Christian man, no less. How about we address where the anger comes from? It comes from feeling silenced, the same thing YOU are doing.

      10. What’s wrong with him being a Christian male? I’m an atheist female and I don’t see why his religion or gender should affect anything.

      11. The reason I brought it up was because it’s hypocritical to be Christian and be so outwardly nasty to strangers on the internet.

      12. As opposed to you, who sounds condescending and out of touch with what KarenJo12 was trying to say. When a woman asks for recognition, or worse, demands it, she is labelled emotional, but when a man expects this same respect, he is simply accorded it. If he gets upset, they may label him as angry, yet that too is an emotion, but you’ll never have the term “emotional” applied to a man. If you can’t see or understand that, then you’re an idiot. BTW, I doubt you’re even a woman, or you would have been respectful and used your name. Only cowards and trolls hide behind guest and anonymous.

      13. Intellect AND Love make us human. Loving properly requires proper use of intellect. No one here is demanding that you kowtow and no one is trying to say that men are better. What we are saying is that women are equal to men but have different gifts. True feminism thus consists in embracing the female genius (gifts) instead of the notion that a woman will be better by trying to be a man instead. The latter option would be sexist and is at the same time ironically what modern feminism tries to do, but it isn’t what anyone here is saying. We are saying that you don’t have to be a man because you are already just as good as men are while still a woman. We accept and value you as you are.

      14. I don’t buy it one bit.
        Always laugh when a man ‘educates’ on feminism and also uses the royal ‘we’ as if he speaks for all males.

        Here’s the deal – An individual is more than their gender. No role or attribute should be regarded as ‘naturally’ or ‘unnaturally’ ‘male’ or ‘female”. Someone’s natural proclivities should be fostered and valued the same no matter what their gender is.

        Your line of thinking /comment would serve only to label and lay claim to attributes based on sex. What good is a generalization? Why would that be needed or helpful? Interact with individuals vs making sweeping claims about a whole sex.

        Feminism is about creating equal opportunity in a disparate society, NOT about making women into men. (That’s just ridiculous) Women do not magically become men or being untrue to themselves (or their gender) by taking advantage of newly available opportunities or cultivating skills that get them ahead.
        Btw, you’re just as good as a women while being a man. I accept and value you just as you are (flaws and all).

      15. Well, some generalizations and stereotypes are formed because they are most likely true to some extent. Have to think about what the case is most of the time.

      16. If “FEM-in-ism” is about creating EQUALITY IN SOCIETY.
        Then maybe it needs to be changed in NAME and PURPOSE.

        When was the last time that you heard of a FEM-inist fight for the rights of MEN or to stop the suffering inflicted against men by women?
        Men suffer over 90% of the workplace fatalities, DO WOMEN CARE?
        Have WOMEN EVER CARED?
        When a group calls itself “FEM-inism” it is obviously fighting for the supremacy of only the FEMALE GENDER. All claims of fighting for EQUALITY or EQUAL RIGHTS & EQUAL PAY & EQUAL JUSTICE are also obviously FRAUDULENT.

      17. ^ Wrong , feminism created the disparity in between sexes , it’s also a delusional movement since women pretty much have 10x the perks men have/had. This kind of thinking is what ruined our modern society. You don’t even know what equality means based on your post. bb

      18. If women have 10x the perks why aren’t women running the country and running the major religions? I wonder what you consider perks? Would you rather be a woman than a man?

      19. “An individual is more than their gender. ”
        Check your pants, that’s not imaginary – your genitalia. You can’t deny biological evidence. Its a penis, or a vagina. That’s all you’re born with in life. That’s what exists outside of society in nature in every animal. We are mentally ill creatures creating personality gender games and trying to make society play those games. We are made as male/female.. There is no escaping that. In nature, biological instincts make animals take on gender roles you see in our society.
        Only you are brainwashed by confused 3rd wave feminism in the last decade by the mental illnesses disguised as causes. Not a single feminist scrutinizes the ideas presented to them about gender. Why ? Because of feelings. Because if someone triggers you in any way about anything, you’re automatically valid and have nothing to prove. No argument to make. Even scientific proof and evidence against you don’t matter.

      20. i agree with your argument, but feminism isnt trying to be a man , because we are different . but we all have the same capabilities .it about being given the choice.

      21. And women admire the gifts/talents of men. So why not share 50/50 in politics, religion, etc. All the rule making etc.

      22. What if those ‘gifts’ have nothing to do with changing diapers, cooking, or doing the laundry? I have 20 years in the military, and qualified as one of the first female submariners. Now that I am done my 20 years in the Navy, I am pursuing electronics engineering for broadcasting. Sorry, I am just not into domestic menial work and serving men. If that makes me ‘unfeminine’ well I won’t apologize for it. And as for ‘women’s gifts’ I am a woman, and my ‘womanly gifts’ involve an eidetic memory, thriving in stressful environments, and science / math skills.

      23. But I have found that some men have more emotional gifts and some women are more intellectual. I have found we are all humans and that men and women are not so different from one another. And if we’re equal then women may be CEO’s and Presidents and men may be kindegarten teachers and maids. And if men accept and value us as we are–then they should accept and value us as they do other men.

      24. I’d give you a hug too if you were a man. Because you’re angry, and nobody is their self when they’re angry.

        I don’t really agree with a lot of the article either, Karen. But I’m not screaming about it. I should note though that the author doesn’t seem to have a problem with a female prime minister. So he can’t be that misogynistic.

        He’s just saying artificial gender quotas don’t make sense. And that’s a respectable position. I would argue, on the other hand, that such quotas are necessary under special circumstances where it is apparent that gender discrimination is in fact going on.

      25. I’m hoping it’s not your intent, but you come off as condescending and pedantic.

        It’s easy not to scream when it’s not you and your sex being criticized and told your place.

        You incorrectly assert that if someone is okay w one female politician then they can’t be ‘that misogynistic’. That’s patently false, they most certainly can be.

      26. How about two presidents/prime ministers being in power at the same time? One male, one female. Good checks and balances technique

      27. Ok–after there are 44 women presidents in a row first to make up for the last 44 male presidents in a row, ok? Sound fair?

      28. Karen wasn’t screaming. She stated her point forcefully and with passion. For that she should be admired and not judged and put down. Prove that you really do accept women and their opinions as equal to yours. It is not your job to judge Karen’s emotions. Why not debate her point logically?

      29. You didn’t state facts, you stated “men will always demand that we bow down to them.” That is not true, that never has been true.

      30. Some men do especially the sexist and condescending ones. I wouldn’t say ” that never has been true ” but for most cases has it not been true.

      31. Oh if only you were right, Kyle. But every male in my life beginning with dear old dad has demanded I bow down to him. If you were lucky enough never to have seen or experienced it–good for you. But you cannot say it is not true. It is and has been true for far too many women for far too long. Instead of denying it, why not ensure it does not happen to others?

      32. I totally agree to what you’re saying KarenJo12 you go glen coco! Don’t worry about these peasant men rubbishing what you’re saying. Honestly it’s pretty honest that women.. yes are different, because we were made more intellect & beautiful (: And plenty of men can’t handle that we get it :)) Just remember to laugh off all this crap lol.

      33. Well, now you’re insulting men in general. Doesn’t make you much better than the guys you can’t stand. Just saying.

      34. No, this is not what femininity means. I doubt you will ever hear a man say that that is what femininity is, or that he wants women to be “doormats and grovelling to men”.
        Femininity is having grace.
        Femininity is being mature.
        Femininity is keeping your head high and staying classy.
        Femininity is being kind and nurturing to others (no, it does not mean you need to have children).
        Femininity is being respectful and respectable.
        Femininity is being cool-headed and logical.
        Femininity is being polite and patient.
        Femininity is NOT being violent, cussing, being unkind, or being irrational. Neither is masculinity.

      35. The problem in YOUR world is that you think you know what every else is thinking or what philosophy they subscribe to “…”cowardly, dimwitted, and doormat-like.” This indicates a hurting soul rather than someone wanting to have intellectual discourse sans emotional rants. I know many women with such capabilities that you can’t even shake a stick at.

      36. Karen’s post does NOT reek of emotion. She stated facts and was offered a hug. This too is a fact. In fact she rejects being stereotyped as “entirely creatures of emotion” and what do you do? YOu do exactly that and refuse to debate with her as a peer by putting her down as emotional. She is naturally angry but she does not insult you or offer you a patronizing hug. YOu may be a woman who appreciated this article. Karen is also a woman who did not. Respect her and her opinion.

      37. Lol you should see the things men say to me on the internet, I’d take that hug and hang it up on the freaking wall. Women around here are just having their due now, I mean it’s hard to accomplish anything when men were preventing it from happening for thousands of years. We’ll catch up. This may be a far out there assumption, but if something has been that way for that long, and all the sudden it changes, men DO have the ability to make it look like women aren’t capable of being at the top, by just not allowing them to be since they are already filling those positions. I read somewhere that a president of Harvard lost his job because he said “Women are inherently less capable of Math and Science than men.” Maybe dudes were like HE’S EXPOSING OUR DEEP THOUGHTS, SHUN HIM BEFORE ANY WOMEN FIND OUT. Read up on the experiences transgenders have had in the workplace once going from female to male. It’s disgusting.

      38. So true, Geoffrey. And love is not an emotion as Karen seems to think, It is caritas, charity, and an act of the will. All the more reason to send Karen a virtual hug.

      39. Wrong. Love is not charity and charity is not love.

        Charity is compassion, not love. Love is deeper connection built on common ground that enables people to grow. In the same way that you can love a book because it helps you grow as a person, you can love a person because they help you to grow.

      40. And to send hugs all those men who fail to see what has happened to majority of women.

        And to send hugs to those men who put down Karen and other women. It is they who are in real need of your caritas and hugs. Send it to them and make them stop so there are no more Karens.

      41. This has nothing to do with forgiving those who hurt us and made us feel otherwise. You as a man should tell other men to stop hurting women and making them feel less than.

    1. In what world exactly do you think “women are required to act
      ‘feminine'”? Most women in modern society require women to reject
      anything labeled “feminine” – as you are doing – which means they “ought
      to” act “masculine”. Sorry, I don’t buy it.

      You state that
      “feminine” behaviour can be summarized as “cowardly, dimwitted and
      doormat-like” – without giving any illustrations or examples. If you
      want to convince someone that you have a point, you need to deal with
      concrete examples, not emotion-laden labels.

      DIG·NI·TY: noun, plural dig·ni·ties.

      1. bearing, conduct, or speech indicative of self-respect or appreciation of the formality or gravity of an occasion or situation.

      2. nobility or elevation of character; worthiness: dignity of sentiments.

      3. elevated rank, office, station, etc.

      4. relative standing; rank.

      5. a sign or token of respect: an impertinent question unworthy of the dignity of an answer.

      POW·ER: noun

      1. ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.

      2. political or national strength: the balance of power in Europe.

      3. great or marked ability to do or act; strength; might; force.

      4. the possession of control or command over others; authority; ascendancy: power over men’s minds.

      5. political ascendancy or control in the government of a country, state, etc.: They attained power by overthrowing the legal government.

      “Dignity” is fundamentally about respect, nobility, worthiness. “Power” is fundamentally about strength and control over others. They are not equivalent. Moreover, there are different kinds of
      dignity (nobility of character is not the same thing as elevated rank, for instance) and different kinds of power (having the ability to act is not the same thing as having control over others). And finally, the idea that all men have equal power is demonstrably false, so the idea of “women having equal power with men” doesn’t actually mean anything. If the idea is “some women have equal power with some men” – we have that now.

      “Men will always demand that we kowtow to them” is another emotion-laden generality. Some men demand that everyone (regardless of sex) kowtow to them. Some women demand that all men kowtow to them.

      “We will always be the helpless dependents of whatever
      men we are assigned to”? I personally know plenty of unmarried women (not living with their parents, so not “dependent” on any particular man) who are independent and competent. I also know plenty of married couples where it was NOT a case of the woman being “assigned to” the man – and where the woman is not the “helpless dependent” of the man.

      “The intellect is the only thing that makes us human” – so you are saying that a member of MENSA is more human than an
      average-IQ person, and a 25-year-old is more human than a 1-year-old?

      I agree with Bernard – women and men are not equal (in the sense of being equivalent and without difference). Any two human beings are not equal in that sense (possibly barring identical twins). We are equal in dignity before God, and gifted with our own very unique and individual gifts.

      Incidentally, I am a 61-year-old married woman with my own business!

    2. If we are all equal I would have no power over you, or you over me. If I have power over you it is because someone with greater power than I have by nature has given it to me. If we are all equal no one would be able to keep you from using your intellect.

    3. No Karen! I do not know where are you from either from the Anglosphere or Western europe, but woman from there have serious self-worthiness, problem, and sometimes I feel that some political movement (Feminism? Women-derogation speeches?) simply destroyed their natural identity.

      “cowardly, dimwitted, and doormat-like”

      No these are not “feminine” traits seriously what motherfucked ideology made you to believe this?

      ” Men will always demand that we kowtow to them. We will always be the
      helpless dependents of whatever male we are assigned to, grovelling for
      the ability to eat and love indoors. We won’t be respected or allowed
      to use our intellects, and the intellect is the only thing that makes us

      You also do not understands men , stop listening to political ideologies, because what you wrote is simply not true.

      1. Keine, a few people have correctly pointed out Karen’s emotional outburst but at least she did not resort to cussing – making your reply abundantly rude and extremely emotional. Using a disgusting cuss word after mother – may even add to Karen’s thinking that you can say all you want about “feminine” but it’s absolutely redundant after you just insulted mothers!

      2. hat, thanks for alerting me to fact that the Administrator or keine has removed the comment to which I was referring. I don’t post for the sake of posting. Glad that it is no longer on this comments page.

      3. Karen is right. And I find it even more of an insult to be told it isn’t true yet we are often if not usually asked to kowtow to men.

    4. Your mistake is that you wish to be respected, and that you let someone limiting your ability to use your intellect. If someone is restricting your talents, simply means that you weren’t strong enough to prevent yourself from being controlled in the first place. The relationship is not between MEN VS WOMEN. It’s YOU VS EVERYONE. If you are getting stepped on its because you are not equal, and you don’t deserve equal rights.

      1. That is simply not true. Just because someone is being stepped on is not because they’re not equal and don’t deserve equal rights. You are either blind or wicked to say otherwise.

      1. That was supposed to be a somewhat satirical comment. Anyways nowadays it’s more like “man wins argument against woman”, and everyone’s reaction is #mantyranny #maleoppresion #gofeminism

      2. Only one example? My husband demanding sex act that were abhorrent to me and refusing to discuss the matter. My husband spending our joint bank account on items we did not need and to which I objected. My husband telling me it was his way or the highway and too bad if I objected.

    5. I disagree with almost everything you said. Sure women are still unequal when it comes down to it. But really it depends on where you are from, in America, Germany, and Britain, they are to some extent equal, you seem like you are from the oriental areas with the way your describing how men view women. And being Feminine does not require acting cowardly, some of the most feminine women I know are military reserve, firefighters and I even now a few feminine cops, so you don’t have to be pathetic to be feminine.
      And I don’t know a single man who has ever demanded his wife bow down to him (kowtow) or anything similar to it. you just so happen to be in a very crappy area when it comes to equality. Or just have very crappy views on things. either way, it really isn’t as bad as you make it out to be, but then again I don’t know your circumstances I’m just speaking from what I have seen and experienced.

      1. If you’ve never seen a single man demanding his wife bow down to him then I suggest you volunteer at a battered woman’s shelter–or read a newspaper.

    6. Women have always had power, the difference is that their power was always indirect. Men have routinely white knighted for women throughout history and have made decisions designed to protect women. I love that in a country where men were presumed to have all the power and have such a great deal we were expected to give our lives for women and children even if they weren’t ours. Even though men control our country men are routinely given harsher sentences for the same crimes as women, are screwed in family courts (including forced to pay child support for kids that aren’t ours), and are still expected to protect women like bullets and such don’t hurt us. Look at the white feather ladies for an example of the power women have had over us when it appeared they had none.

      1. “Indirect” power is not power. It only works if men agree to it. In contrast, men have the ability to do whatever they want without mediation from women.

      2. Power is control over your lives. Very few men have any power over anyone else and if the courts fuck them over they have no control.

      3. And if the courts fuck poor women over they have no control either. Blame the court (usually run by men) and make them stop. But stop blaming and hating women which is what you’re doing

      4. You don’t have to pay for kids that aren’t yours (have a dna test) and I had a restraining order against me when my husband lived 7000 miles away with his fancy woman. He didn’t want me to be able to communicate with him and he had enough money to do it to me. No one wants you to go to war–especially your women and your children so stop going to war already.

    7. Wtf?!! That has nothing to do with what he wrote, you see that what makes men and women unequal, your lack of understanding proves it.
      bunch of illogical haters hahahahahaha!

    8. The ironic thing about this argument is that..women want to be equal in power to men but how do you expect women to get that equality? Do you expect it to just be given to you? Well, wouldn’t that just be women playing further into the role of the “kowtow” to men? Afterall, ANY position of power a woman has in the U.S is given to her by a man. Whether it’s a job in the senate or the right to open a business…it is given to you by a man in power.

      Unless you plan on starting a civil war with men (which women would most likely lose)..don’t expect the status quo to change. It won’’s been like this for thousands of years and would take another 4 or 5 thousand years to change a.k.a not in your lifetime. As a woman I accept need to learn to accept it or get over it.

    9. Men still control most of the money, most of the power, and most of the media as well as well as the law and justice system n America. Women continue to have lower degrees of access to higher paid employment in the first place and lower rates of pay even in the same jobs. Not only is true equality a long way off, send effort to use it as an excuse to do even less for women is appalling

      1. Women generally are not intellectually up to achieving the solutions to complex mathematical tasks and certainly do not have ANY SELF-CONTROL to suffer until an unpleasant task is completed.

        How many notable inventions that are widely used were created by women alone?
        Why do women fail to get jobs which require intense logic and mathematical skills (computer programming, math careers, chemical engineering, etc)?
        Why do women insist that there is a GENDER GAP, when the obvious truth is that there is a GENDER IQ GAP (genetically unfixable)?
        Why are women angry about GENDER PAY DIFFERENCES when the only rational non-discriminatory fair question should be, “Why do women refuse to lobby for pay related EXCLUSIVELY to provable employable job skills & intellectual MERIT — without paying attention to gender at all?”

        Simply put. The whole FEMINISM SCAM has been about promoting UNQUALIFIED, UNSKILLED, UNEMPLOYABLE FEMALES into job positions where (despite being the owner of boobs & a vagina) that the force-hired women are fundamentally INCOMPETENT, LACKING THE NECESSARY JOB SKILLS, and LACKING THE PROPER PROVEN WORK EXPERIENCE.

        Why does FEMINISM SUCK? Because it is a VIOLENT GENDER SUPREMACY CULT. It treats men like garbage and ignores male suffering. It promotes the dangerously unskilled into positions of high pay, but the net result is a woman that often lethally harms all humans she encounters.

      2. Wow! What you say is true on the general level. I think hiring anyone based on gender alone is wrong. Only qualified persons should get the job, but that’s feminism. They can’t accept the fact that there are serious biological differences between men and women. I used to be one of them.

        I used to ask myself why would God create women so emotional, illogical and irrational? Why did he make women so incompetent in doing almost anything other than giving birth and raising kids. Why don’t they have the patience to think before they act? If you look at it like this, it will appear that really women are only good at home. Then I ask myself why did he give them the ability to think? why are so many of them able to keep up with men in most professions to a decent level -even though they can’t get to the top-? This is the reason why so many women are unhappy with the traditional gender roles. They can do a bit more than give birth and raise kids and they know it, not to mention some women don’t give birth or raise kids so how can they fulfil their role in this world?

        The problem arises when they are faced with the natural differences in their abilities and men’s. This all brings confusion about what their role in society is and what they are supposed to do and what are they truly good at.

        I think the antidote to this feminism movement is to hire people based on their own merit and not gender and to treat people fairly. Women are naturally privileged. They are to be protected and cherished and to be treated with care. Expecting women to work full time jobs only to go home and work some more is unfair. Women are not men and never will be. Feminism is nurturing hate between sexes and stripping women from what they naturally supposed to have.

        I still think, even with men being naturally superior when it comes to logic and mathematics as well as physical strength, women who are capable and qualified shouldn’t be barred from professions that require these attributes, be it by not hiring them or by suppressing their aspirations from a young age by telling them they can’t do it.

        Finally, I think women and men should work together as a team and not as rivals. This newly created rivalry is only deepening the gap between the sexes and encouraging hatred and disrespect on both sides. Men need women for more than sexual and procreational needs. And women need men for more than their money. Society certainly needs both.

      3. “I used to ask myself why would God create women so emotional, illogical
        and irrational? Why did he make women so incompetent in doing almost
        anything other than giving birth and raising kids. Why don’t they have
        the patience to think before they act?”

        OMG! Well, you give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself–it is PRECISELY this sort of ignorant, stupid and mysoginstic attitude to which any human– let alone woman –should rightfully object.

    10. Damn y’all people really don’t get it do ya.. Hell
      u’ns got so far away from the very small an most
      simple little list of just
      an yes I say isn’t but 10 of them.! But UN’s society seems to have a very damn hard time with the few simple 10 guidelines of the world and nature.! Society has already allowed the Bible to be abandoned.! With no honor are integrity what so ever up hailed to it..
      So reckon what’s next is a societies politically correct Bible.. So far the ones that don’t know of the little abbreviation (Bible) short for
      “Basic Instructions Before
      Leaving Earth”
      Now ifin I (born and breed) in Heart of Dixie may leave U’ns with one of a few favorite quote’s…

      “I don’t agree with what
      u’ns are saying, but I
      shall and will defend
      to the death in your
      right to say it..”

    11. I think everybody is equal but we have differences. When women is stronger than men at a particular thing women will help and vice versa and with that we will be equal like we are as one. Why we don’t just love, love and love. Give love. Help each other.

      Stop comparing ourselves being men or women, better or good, big or small, stonger or weak, islam or i’m catholic. Just love. Then our world will become peaceful. Lots of love, smile and happiness.

      If you see someone in some place in some time or some event in your life or if someone is projecting he/she is better than you, don’t feel bad. Why would you be affected by it?

      1. And if you don’t object to injustice and/or wrongdoing in this world how do you expect to change it? YOu can object with love but you must object.

    12. and men are required to act masculine? Stop crying about problems that are not unique to you. Trust, spend one day as a man and you’ll be thankful you were born a women.

    13. Very well said! I don’t really see many women being helpless dependents of whatever male they’re assigned to, but I do agree that it’s set up to be that way. That’s why it costs more to be a woman, but if we had the exact same job and qualifications starting on the same day, I’d probably make more than you. What activities or occupations are there that men are refrained from? Women on the other hand aren’t allowed to do certain things. In my life I know so many strong independent women, many of whom are also single parents, and they are taking care of their stuff with less opportunity, and I’m seeing men, including myself become weaker and that I believe is because it used to be thought that a woman needed a husband to take care of her, and he would earn the money basically and make the rules, but now even though it’s not quite equal pay, women are making their own money, and can take care of themselves, and are opting out of that lifestyle, while men can still go and make money, but all those years that men thought they were taking care of the families they were only providing money, women were taking care of the households and handling the finances etc… well as it turns out women can live just fine without a man, but not the other way around.

  2. I agree essentially with the overall conclusions of your analysis but not at all with your opening premise, which is startlingly similar to the confused notions of liberals like KarenJo12.

    You say “For two things to be perfectly equal they would need to be the same.”

    However, that is EXACTLY what is supremely flawed and confused about liberal “thinking” in this area. Liberals believe the short-sighted and one-dimensional view that being equal means being “the same.” Nothing could be further from the truth, and men and women are the perfect example of it.

    Karen may not have specifically stated it, but inherent in her emotional outburst is the reality that she believes she needs to do everything a man does to attain dignity; that is, equality comes only if she participates in what she perceives is a man’s typical life. What a confused woman she is.

    But the truth is our Creator truly did create us male and female; not the same but still equal in His eyes, and that is our cue to see ourselves and each other likewise.

  3. Well, I feel that this post and some comments are quite an exercise is solipsistic tripe. The author claims, quite erroneously, that for things to be “perfectly equal they have to be the same.” To quote the infamous Hitch, “That which can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.” Equal means have the same value as another; same means be identical in every respect.

    Of course men and woman are anatomically different yet have complementary reproductive organs …they are not the same in this one regard. In every other regard they are the same. Regardless they are equal in all respects…anatomical complimentarity does not obviate equality.

    Men and women can achieve, can parent equally well, can emote equally, can be leaders, warriors, peacemakers, etc. equally. Men and women are fully equal in the sight of God and the sight of man. To deny equality on the basis of a myth of requisite sameness is tantamount to saying a white and black person are not equal because they are not the same; that a disabled and able person are not equal because they are not the same, etc.

    It is culture, it is religion and extremism which breeds conversation about the inequality of the sexes, of any human primates.

    Also, I empathize with KarenJo12 and her feelings. How is it that we can dismiss someone’s experience of reality by inferring that they are emotional. We accept people’s experience, even if they emote, are angry or are bitter…emotions do not dismiss experience and argument….they give it more validity rather than a recitation of platitudes.

    Men and women are equal in every aspect and capable of engaging in every activity and achieving any goal, even being in military combat. It is simply morally wrong to sell any member of our species short in any way. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” The immortal declaration,,all can be who they want to be…

    Equally de-humanizing is patronizing a person who is emotionally (or so interpreted) clear about their feelings and thoughts by offering them a hug. It’s similar to patting someone on the behind and sending them on their way ina very dismissive manner. Try to understand the person and their experience without labeling them. Too much to ask>

    1. Nah men and woman maybe can achieve in every field but whether as an average men or women in some fields have an advantage that’s a question.Pushing people to fields they are not capable is harmful, to everyone , let the individual decide.

      1. Feminism insists men and women are different, and should be treated as such when it benefits women. Feminism also insists men and women are the same, and should be treated as such when it benefits women.

        Feminism is nothing more than a female advocacy movement that has no consistent core as its basis.

      2. Spot on, women want 50% quotas for boardroom positions, or other high level managerial roles, but when will they legislate that 50% of plumbers, bus drivers and bricklayers must also be women?

    2. You are wrong. Man and Woman are different from a Neurological sense, woman have 2 emotional centers, while man have only one, which “benefits“ them in handling extrem situations, because they can more easily ignore them than woman. Also man produce more testosteron, giving them more muscle growing and because of this an advantage in jobs which require pure strenght like building or in the military. This dosnt mean woman cant or shouldnt do this jobs (as well as man), but that there might be at least some reason that these fields are male dominated.

  4. Racists make the same arguments about the inequality of races always ending in the fact that the White heterosexual Sexual male is the superior, above all to the point even to make God look like themselves or have we ever been blessed with other than white gods in Catholic churches. Or even in non White images Our Lady of Guadalupe that did not stop the Spaniards and Portuguese from enslaving them. Our equality comes not from our emotions, physical strength or abilities but rather because we have God given souls and God loves us equally. Men dominate in the upper echelons of the work force because of patriarchy a misogynistic form of custom, government that manifests in the economic realm. To break the back of women and return them to the role of helpless disposable breeders or breeders to be is the goal of the Catholic Church in its war against artificial birth control, divorce and abortion. Archbishop Williamson is against women getting a college education. Calls for modesty, blaming women who show their elbows in a church is a push to have Marian ie; Muslim standards of dress and department imposed fees facto on American society. Like racism and racists were and are seen as against the American way of life and are fought against, so too must men like yourself be resisted beaten back marginalized and kept in check just as we would a Klansmen or a neo-Nazi.

    1. Thank you for proving my point. You resent the fact that at least some women don’t have to grovel to you. Catholics want women to be cowardly, dimwitted, doormats

      1. You didn’t have to. How are women who now make up 47% of the American work force, who only get paid 71 cents for every male dollar spoiled? I am really curious to find out what your thinking on that is. Source: US Census

      2. Well with more women not married than married now the idea that women make 40% of the money but have access to the other 60% is no longer a valid argument. Women still make less. You don’t have to like it, it is just true.

      3. What does that have to do with anything what so ever? Sounds like you are being emotional Joe. Honestly, if a man doesn’t want to do dirtier or more dangerous jobs, he has the will and the want to get educated out of them then.. he doesn’t have to. Women don’t, because they often make different choices. Why don’t you do more research?

      4. ‘Women don’t, because they often make different choices.’ This is my point. Men do these jobs so that they can provide for their families.

        Look up the Herbivore Men in Japan. An entire generation of men is rejecting ‘working hard’ to provide for a woman and her offspring.

        ‘Sounds like you are being emotional Joe.’ Sounds like you are trying to use shaming language Michelle.

      5. And who is to blame for the situation in Japan? The patriarchy. In Japan a woman can’t progress past the position of a secretary and is expected to leave the workforce once married. Millions of perfectly educated women can’t use their potential because of a fucked up system called the patriarchy, most inefficient societal system ever invented.
        But even in Japan they realized the price they have to pay now for gender inequality and their prime minister calls for women to save Japan, but it’s gonna take years if not decades to change the system even with quotas and such.

      6. Is the ‘Patriarchy’ the reason men die younger, commit suicide more often, and are more likely to be injured on the job?

      7. Pure bullshit.
        Women will never save anything till they don’t go back to the home and take care of the Family , which is the very foundations of any society.
        Patriarchy has made Japan a world power. Just like the USA and Germany.
        It is the MOST efficient system ever that is Under attack in order to weaken nations , not only the Western nations , but the whole world.
        When men are put ahead and know they are needed , their motivations are beyond all expectations. And their motivations benefit society as a whole , women and children to begin with.
        Stop spewing nonsense and use your brain instead of your distorted emotions.
        Do Japanese men still feel needed as in the past ? Are they still put forward ? Is their manhood bashed or praised ?
        Japanese women used to be wonderful housekeepers .
        That is how they safeguarded their country.

      8. Women just tend to be WHINE BEASTS.
        Worthless leaches with no worthwhile job skills except squeezing out a baby human (male) once in a while.

        What do women demand once they get voting power?
        They make all of the population SLAVES TO THE GOVERNMENT so that women EXCLUSIVELY get benefits from their violent government thugs.

        Look at the real life examples in play in this generation.
        An unemployed woman gets pregnant. She demands welfare for life.
        She demands the government enslave the male (that she wants nothing to do with from thereon) to pay for CHILD SUPPORT (a form of SLAVERY).
        If divorced, she demands ALIMONY (another form of SLAVERY).
        She will demand that the government give her a home, a car, an the ability to loot the man’s bank accounts.
        The woman has literally THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of government programs that EXCLUSIVELY BENEFIT WOMEN and it still is never enough.

        A woman is by her very genetically-flawed nature, a parasitic WHINE BEAST.

      9. You are really logical and your points are presented without a hint of emotion, all based on facts and not meaningless generalisations. Indeed, women are not humans. I don’t know what species they should be called. Subhuman maybe? I’m not sure where this dark picture you painted comes from. How is it the woman’s fault that the law system in your country is unfair? How is paying child support for your child slavery? I don’t want to argue about all the details since I’m not American and we have opposite problems in my country. But saying that women are leaches that can only be good for giving birth to males is quite offensive, even though I am not offended. Your thought process is not unique. In fact, for thousands of years men held such beliefs regarding women. What you fail to realise is that men can be just as ‘genetically-flawed’ as women. Both come in the variety of stupid, useless, leach.

        I only replied to your comment because I found it kind of funny. It makes me realise how people tend to make generalisation based on the population of people surrounding them. It is not a very scientific way to conduct a study, especially if you want to make conclusions based on the hypothesis that genetics are involved primarily in a certain behaviour. I’m sure you would have different views if you lived in a different culture.

      10. I suggest that every man who thinks women face no prejudice or inequality disguise himself as a woman and live as one for a few months–a year–and then get back to us.

      11. Your pathetic, and obviously harbor resentment from the fact that you can’t get a real man, wake up to yourself.Stop blaming all men for the actio you’ll
        the meaning of feminist = female chauvanist pig

      12. Research is an excellent suggestion. Here’s some:

        I’m sure you can follow from there. It is important not to let emotions drive a debate like this, it emotional reactions in discussions like this often cloud rational thinking. I don’t think Joe was being emotional there. I don’t think anyone will insist that there is not any workplace discrimination whatsoever. I think the debate lies in how widespread and systematic it is. At this point, I don’t think it’s as viral and ingrained as is being portrayed by certain feminist organizations who receive lots of federal money and use these claims in part to receive more. It is important to keep in mind that equal opportunity does not indicate, much less require, equal outcomes.

      13. Feminism is only the tip of the iceberg. Feminism isn’t really an ideology, it is nothing more than politicized hypergamy.

      14. your point doesn’t make sense, the simple fact is whether male or female, people in general are averse to risky jobs, ie. window cleaning high rise buildings. If you fall you die. Because no one wants to do it companies must offer high wages to attract people, and it just so happens more men are willing to risk their life for the salary than women are, simple fact. A male or female doing the same job at McDonalds gets the same pay, the pay difference is not about gender its about occupation, so become a builder instead of a shop assistant, or become a miner instead of a hairdresser, most importantly 1% of people hold 99% of the wealth in the world so stop whining as if your predicament is the fault of the average man, as i see it people in general have it hard financial and this contrived battle of the sexes just serves as a distraction from the real issue of inequality in the world, which is between classes not sexes.

      15. “it just so happens more men are willing to risk their life for the salary than women are” – are you sure that’s the reason there’ aren’t more women window cleaners? Where’s your evidence?

      16. Are you male? If you think there’s no inequality between sexes you must be on another planet! This is especially so in the Church. Being a chick in the Church flat out sucks!

      17. If women were still at home raising the future generation and taking great care of their dear husbands , we would not live in the mess we are living.
        You have been duped to seek power and now you complain about men and workplace. But workplace IS where men belong because men are wired to provide and protcet their families.
        The war on families is the most insane thing that could be done. And it had been done. And it is still ongoing.
        Nothing will change and improve till women don’t go back in droves to the home , the pillar of civilization.
        When women made a point in making their families happy , they would not care about the workplace , its stress (they bring back home for the worse) and its hardships.
        It was men’s duties and women were more than happy to rely on their men .
        The idea that stressing yourself out in a factory or anywherelse but the home is more important than taking care of a family is rooted in hateful communism.
        It is insane . The family is the cornerstone of any society.
        Women in the past had a role of primary importance.

      18. Women work because they have to support themselves & their families or because the husband either won’t or can’t or there is no husband.Where i live it takes 2 incomes to survive. Women HAVE TO WORK . Gone are the days (for most women) that they could stay home 100% of the time & have their husbands support them totally. That is only a privilege of the rich. The family is the cornerstone of any society . Some women do put their jobs above their families & that is a mistake but that is not a gender issue because some men do the same things… is selfishness & false values.

      19. I’ve chopped and stacked firewood – that’s a dirty and dangerous job. It hasn’t done half the damage to my body
        and had nowhere near the limiting effect on my life as childbirth has. And last I looked I didn’t get paid for that.

        There are women who work in mines, women who farm (without male assistance) women who go to war.

      20. So what? Nobody say no women can’t do that work even if most can’t to it as well as men. The point is that most CHOOSE not to do it.

      21. If the ‘playing field’ was ‘even’ women would take on more jobs that men traditionally do and vice-versa. In some ways men are as restricted in career choice as women. Our society tells us that there are ‘mens jobs’ and ‘women’s jobs’. In the most part, there are NOT ‘men’s jobs’ and ‘womans jobs’, but how does one come to that conclusion when brought up from birth being told otherwise? The cycle is perpetuated by people who constantly teach each other that pink and dolls are for girls footy and punching each other up and guns are for boys. I’d cut firewood any day over look after toddlers. Both career options are out for me because I stuffed my back having a baby and carrying toddlers – not stacking firewood! When you’re a girl who has been criticised for her ‘choices’ that are not labelled ‘feminine’ her whole life, then feel free to make some kind of ignorant uninformed comment. Anyhow, I don’t really see what this line of conversation has to do with the article. Except that both contain some element of sexism.

      22. Chopping and stacking firewood doesn’t really classify as dangerous. If you had said you went out, fell the lumber etc… stacked the wood, then sure. If you work a lumberjack job, you get to claim ‘dangerous’ occupation. dealing with a chord of wood for the winter or whatever is just doing a chore. And you kind of make the point for framboise, childbirth is an important aspect, much less so now that we’ve blown past 7 billion globally, but much more so in the past, it was often a very dangerous event, for both woman and child. As an aside, as a man (gasp) who has actually worked in what I would consider to be inherently dangerous jobs (submarine, industrial construction at height, chemical processes, High voltage electrican) I can only say empirically that the few women who I happened to work with in these scenarios were typically people I either did not feel safe with (physically) working with, or safe (from a HR or societal) aspect. It’s often been a primarily competence based concerned, I don’t really care what a person fucks with as long as I don’t have to pick up work load, or worry/wonder about what kind of personality I’m going to have to deal with a on a day to day basis.

    2. They are spolied precisely because they have been taught they were “equal” to men.
      Just consider Aristotle’s old wisdom :
      “Treat a woman equally . She will feel superior ”
      The Bible says and wants mankind to know that the head of woman is man (and the head of man is Christ).
      The woman was not made in the same way as the man.
      The man was taken from earth . The woman was taken from the man.
      It makes all the difference.
      God gave man dominion , as HE has dominion . The woman was made for him , because of him , to be his precious help meet.
      Equality is a masonic lie , an obsession rooted in dangerous and insane coveting.
      Man is the glory of God . Woman is the glory of man.
      No equality but perfect wisdom from our Creator.

      1. It has worked well for thousands of years. Today’s ideology doesn’t work an people are figuring that out.

  5. I have a theoretical situation I would like you to consider in my right hand i have a one dollar bill, in the left i hold one hundred pennies, now i ask are these two sums of money equal? You would say yes, they are of equal value even though they are not the same as is the situation with men and women. We are not the same mentally emotional and physically we are different we perceive the world in different ways but this is not to suggest one gender is above the other because both perceptions of the world are necessary for the survival of our species one should not put emphasise on one perception and devalue the other. To suggest that because we are different means we can never be equal quite simply is idotic as with the bill and the pennies they are not the same however they are equal. With your line of thinking how could this be possible because the two sums are different so this means they cant be equal?

  6. I just want to go about my day being a woman and being happy with that. I never want to do what the boys do. Having long hair wearing makeup and bitching when I feel the need is what I love most, We are not equal and I’m ok with that it doesn’t mean I’m ignorant or less educated it means I just want to be a woman and a man be a man.

    1. Men and women may be different, but I view the sexes as complementary. There are certain things men are physically and psychologically capable of, and women are physically and psychologically capable in different areas. We complement each other. The dignity of both IS equal, and the fact that people don’t recognize that is what is at the heart of all these debates.

  7. Wow, what a thoughtful and intelligent post. I wish more people would read this but unfortunately since it comes from a non-secular source, it’s already got two strikes against it.

  8. Fine, if they aren’t equal then the things that they do should be treated as equally important. The CEO shouldn’t be more respected or better paid than a devoted housewife. But that isn’t how the world works. The issue is that if things are not moved toward equality in treatment then they move apart. There is not stasis. Until everyone can make an argument that what is traditionally feminine is as important as what is traditionally masculine your argument will continue to fall apart and those who are treated as less will continue to seek to be treated as a viable part of society.

    1. Michelle, you make a great point. A woman who chooses to stay home with her kids while they’re young so she can raise them should get more respect. Maybe certain tax breaks? That obviously isn’t the entire answer, but it would be nice for devoted housewives, as you mentioned, to be more respected. The ironic thing is that many modern feminists despise housewives and look down on them as being “unproductive” and not contributing to society. Raising upstanding citizens who will one day participate in the work force and pay taxes is not contributing? Some women choose to do this. Others don’t. It’s sad to see such vitriol coming from certain feminists voices who disparage and mock the devoted housewives who certainly deserve more recognition in our society.

      1. Late here in commenting… you made valid points as stay at home moms do contribute to society. Being home with children during their growth is important. Kids do not just need food and water. I chose to be home with my son, even though I loved working, and my husband supports it fully; He has never made me feel inferior for it. However, all too often I get remarks, read articles, etc., about the worthlessness that is the stay at home mom. These aren’t made by feminists but by men. So while I accept and agree with you on other points, feminism isn’t really down playing my worth. The men who fight against feminism- who see it as a fight against man – they are the typical ‘women at home are worthless’ speakers. This is not to mean that I think men are to blame, because these men are the exception, not the rule. It is just not accurate to claim fault is upon feminism. Feminism, when used for its true purpose, is a good thing. It should be called something different because the term seems one-sided as is. Also the extremists that hide behind feminism have definitely made the cause seem to be based on hate – but what true rights group doesn’t have extremists getting in the way of what they stand for?

        In reality though, truely rational people know that men and women are not equal. I know that my husband and father are physically stronger than me. And people may say its demeaning to do but even if I was capable in strength in the same manner as my husband, I would still ask for his help- because I see the pride he has in these things that he has been taught make him a man.

        I know that I am more emotional than them. These aren’t bad things. They are different (as the author said). Being more emotional is often looked at as being weak but it is just feeling stronger. I understand my emotions better than every man I know; these same men come to me for advice over other men.

        We are not equal because we are different. This does not mean that we should be inferior or superior because that is ridiculous. When saying we are not equal, it simply means men and woman are not the same. Accepting this does not mean that we aren’t afforded the same rights, as we are human and deserve equality.

        I would think that being the same as my husband would be quite boring. I don’t walk around expecting to be treated differently, but I also won’t be offended by a man opening my door. I don’t like to be told I can’t do something because its a “man thing.” I will just prove I can and move on… right after telling them that I can grow a human.

        I do know that if a man and a woman are doing the same job, at the same time, with the same record, they deserve the same pay – because this makes them equal within this job.

        Anyone saying that men deserve higher pay because they take the dirty jobs to support their family, be reminded that women are doing dirty jobs as well. Also remember that women are equally supporting families without a spouse or co-parent these days, when compared to working dads without a working mom. Kind of voids that arguement.
        If all parents are getting paid more – then so be it, but that kind of takes equality from others doing the same job without families. Point being, pay should follow the job, not the gender.

      2. Most the people I hear talk this way are guys. Go listen to Stefan Molyneaux on FreeDomainRadio. He was calling his live in girl friend a loser because she did not have a job like him. He appeals to the angry males, sad to say and there are plenty, but his misogyny is spreading. While I’m sure there are some feminist extremists who think women who stay home are stupid, I haven’t heard any say this. I think a lot of these notions come from the growing Male movement that literally believes men are the victims of some feminist conspiracy. I hear these statements a lot but when I go try to find the source or the factual evidence, it is mostly lacking.

      3. There is no feminist conspiracy, just a feminist movement.

        How exactly is Stefan Molyneaux a misogynist?

  9. I think all “governments” should have 50/50 of gender, with an odd number being up for grabs. At least the author acknowledges that male and female are EQUAL as human beings. Many men do not believe women to be on the same equal footing as human beings as they are. I should know, some of my buddies have admitted this.

    If you acknowledge that both genders are different (which they are) and say they are equally important for balance, then you should have no problem with a 50/50 ratio of male/female representatives.

    Besides, what is “talent” when it comes to politicians? You don’t need a particular lot of “talent”, but instead you NEED TO REPRESENT those you are hired to represent. Speaking of “talent” congers up images of a Politician with deep pockets for corporate hand outs.

      1. I’m talking about government representation. And if there was 50/50 more women would enter the race for the seats. It’s just not fair a bunch of white guys are determining the fate of everyone. I don’t say this lightly as I am white, contrary to my photo.

  10. Complementarism is just another concept to deny equality to women and to justify male domination as something natural and something that’s a product of genuine talents and not the product of our barbaric patriarchal past in which the raw brutal strenght decided everything. People have every right to be angry when they see so few women in political office considering women constitute the majority of the population. Moreover nowadays more and more women graduate from college and advance against incredible prejudices and the inertia from the past that puts obstacles before them that men don’t have.
    In the age of reason womenkind is finally emerging out of slavery and showing what they are capable of, which is a lot. Next time you see a political panel full of males instead of trying to justify it you should rather be ashamed.

    1. Women don’t need to justify why they deserve freedom and equality, women are half of the human race but even if women were a minority such justification is simply shameful. Being a human being is all that is required.

      There are no feminine or masculine traits there are universal human traits, dividing traits into masculine and feminine is talking about half humans and not complete human beings. Even in the areas where you’d have on average expressed differences in preferences you’d still have a big overlap. Pushing people into strict gender roles since their birth is evil, instead of just letting them be themselves.
      Men and women are the same human being in 2 forms for the purpose of shuffling our genes which is a superior form of reproduction than cloning, the things that unite us are far far greater than those that separate us.

      1. Not asking women to justify why they deserve freedom and equality, we’re just asking women to justify why we should vote for them. If you want half of congress to be women, find a platform that will elect you. It shouldn’t be a problem if your message resonates and you can motivate your ‘half’ of the voting base.

  11. Awfully biased post and comments. Patriarchal perspective. Similar to 19th century literature. Stereotyping of male and female ‘roles’. Male-dominated, underhandedly aggressive ‘arguments’. I’m all right Jack – get back in your box Jill – seems to be the message. Like being in a time warp!

    1. I am tired of women not getting equal pay. What you use is average data across all jobs. Yes then I agree women make less, because the professions most women have an affinity for pays less. A man in the same profession would make the same but not many work in those professions. The professions men choose pay more as business execs vs teachers. Now you could say that is wrong but that is not the issue regarding equal pay for same job. So if you make a blanket statement or just parrot others shows your lack of knowledge. I hope you women get off this pity party. I know some women in sales make more then the men but it is performance based. If you want to make more perform better.

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  14. This article is just another regurgitation of the sort of Orwellian nonsense that comes out of the mouths of men (and their ‘puppet’ women) who hold a position of power over women and really want to keep it. A whole lot of pleasant sounding half-truths are given as evidence of a false case. Karen’s comments and the responses demonstrate just how desperate men are to keep the status quo that, for anyone who really seriously studies the Word, is simply not of God. Jesus Christ raised women up to the same status as men – not by words but by actions. Does no one get that by teaching Mary at His feet he was opening up the way for Mary to become (should she choose that path) a Rabbi herself? It is abundantly clear that women are every bit as ‘gifted’ as men at preaching and teaching and yet they are persistently told in almost all denominations that these positions are only for men and that this is God’s directive. Get out your Bible and swot up on your Koine Greek. Check out exactly to whom it was that Paul was speaking and why when he asked that ‘a woman’ (it’s singular!) not to teach men. Nor Paul or any other NT writer intended the words written to be both mistranslated and misinterpreted in the way that our predominantly patriarchal culture has done, so as to rob women of their giftedness and dignity. I know who I am through Jesus Christ, and I don’t need any man (or woman for that matter) to tell me otherwise. Karen says “unless women have equal power they will never have equal dignity” – she’s right, but not because ‘power’ is what they aspire to, but because it is what many men not only aspire to but also wield to keep their prominent position over women. (Although not all men are like this – I know a lot of men who affirm women as their equal in every way when it comes to work, home and the Church – these are ‘real’ men – ones who are not threatened by a false perception of women but see them as partners in Christ). Don’t patronise women by calling them ‘equal but…’ most of us we can see through that just as the reader sees through the pigs’ slogan ‘all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others’.

  15. “For two things to be perfectly equal they would need to be the same”,

    What rubbish. For starters no two men are ‘the same’. No two women are ‘the same’. Men and women share more in common than the sum of their differences. I am more like my husband than I am like my sister in law. I am more like my male friends at my church than I am like my female friends outside the church. 6+10 = 16 and so does 8+8, but the two equations are equal, but different, and neither takes a position of precedence over the other.

    It’s all irrelevant to the discussion, however, because when egalitarians and/or feminists talk of equality, they are not referring to ‘sameness’ , but equality of opportunity which has nothing to do with sameness or differences.

    “However just because men and women are different does not mean that one is
    better than the other, in fact the very existence of humanity depends on
    these differences. These differences are what we might call
    complementary and they are part of the richness and design of humanity.” – That much is true. As an egalitarian feminist I agree. PEOPLE are different
    That’s why it’s so sensible to have a mixture of PEOPLE in both leadership and serving roles (leading IS serving, in the church). Not ‘roles’ that are determined at birth by dodgy Biblical interpretations, but ‘roles’ that are based on gifting and are shared between all people.

  16. woman and men are different, we are designed different,but when put together we balance each other out , generally as our brains are wired slightly different men and women can typically do things better than the other gender ,but we have the same capabilities and strengths just usually in different things.,so therefore we are equal. i am a 13 yr old girl and a man can do as much as me and i can do as much as him.the key word is HARMONY,everything in this world is meant to work in harmony and help each other , nothing is superior.

  17. what is the point in the words feminine and masculine , its just pressures us to try and fit yourself into a gender stereotype category, cant we just be who we are.

  18. There are some valid points in this summary of gender equality. There are a few things over looked! The fact that pretty much in the history of this planet woman have only been given the opportunity to take part in many things…be it voting, having senior positions in companies or even just the right to choose her own husband, career or even study and be literate means that there is still a lot of catching up to do! How do you know if a woman cannot be better at a certain set of skills such as you claim a male might be if our species is “new” to this type of development…perhaps more time needs to be given to allow females to evolve!


    Let’s assume woman are better at A)nurturing than B) running a company then why is the check at the end of the month not the same?! If it really is a case of one gender is better at something than the other in equal measure then we should all be rewarded (paid) equally for the different skills that we are good at. Also if both genders are doing the same job equal in terms of responsibility then why are woman for the most part paid less than there male counterparts?

    Perhaps you need to rethink your stance on gender equality a little more!

    I could bring up all sorts if arguments…that woman raise the men that dominate our society…but that would just make me sound as condescending as you! Peace!


    Hi id like to say youre being sexist but dont realise it. we are humans and all equall and im christian(NOT catholic) and god states that men and woman are equal, so i dont care what you say because i know for a fact you are not right. Our differences and similarities arent what makes us equal you idiot, and anyway if your saying that men and women arent equal beacause of our differences then you are also saying that actually no one is equal because not all of us are the same idiot!
    There i think ive proved my point. :p

  20. How exactly are you supposed to justify the idea that, even though results show a lower merit for women, the merit could not be higher? With the fact, that females are not even facing the same possibility for education, etc. as male counterparts are in this age we live in? Surely education, social and psychological dogmas has an impact, of the overall results most females IS ABLE to get. Studies show that (societies) dogmas has a HUGE impact on performance.

    …A question to the author on the subject of…

    “The Liberal party has no particular quota on the number of women who must be
    selected, basing itself on merit, whereas the outgoing Labor party has a
    self-imposed policy that aims to preselect women as candidates in a
    minimum of 40% of seats. Imposing quotas though seems to be a rather
    disingenuous way to respect women. How is a woman selected under a quota
    regime supposed to know if she is there for her particular talents or
    simply to meet a politically correct criteria?”

  21. I am not disagreeing with your arguments, and you do a wonderful job of admitting there are some aptitudes or skill-sets people have that might draw them toward interests or fields that are different than their sex/gender. However, your suggestion that men dominate the boardrooms or senior positions because they may have natural abilities (assuming these are compared to some skill-set women broadly possess) is a little short-sighted. It presumes all men in power positions exhibit the same skills or characteristics (not true), and it ignores the fact that we are literally one generation out from a time period in history when women were relegated broadly only to three professions in the US: teaching, healthcare and secretarial work (the latter of which is far more akin to management today with advances in technology). It also ignores the number of women in key leadership positions outside of corporate America and in other countries, suggesting it may be the American corporate culture limiting women’s ability to rise through the ranks rather than them lacking the skills to lead. You are committing a couple of fallacies in this argument which could prove very damaging to young women who might consider jobs outside of the nurture/care fields in which you believe they might be well suited, to other high-need professions in STEM fields, for example. I would rather you generate a Catholic-inspired piece that speaks to our differences in Gifts regardless of sex/gender, and how the creation of cultures that grants access and standing to all might actually encourage God’s true calling to each of us.

  22. Women are EQUAL but not IDENTICAL.
    Just compare the two genders anatomically: The WOMAN is made to be PENETRATED/TAKEN by the PENIS of a MAN. Already there is something not equal there. One is OFFENCE and the other is SUBMISSION. This probably applies to EVERYTHING in society. For example DATING. A man CHASES a woman, not the other way around. Men KILL and are SOLDIERS. Oftentimes not Women.
    WOMEN SHOULD HAVE EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES but never should this be translated as “QUOTAS”. MERIT should always be criteria.

  23. I worked in a man’s field for 20 years lugging power tools around and lifting too much weight for my size but I was always taught women can do everything men can do. Now I’m wondering if this is why I have chronic pain, fibro and chronic fatigue and Osteo Arthritis? I loved the work but it didn’t love me and I got hurt a lot. I also worked 12 hour shifts and raised 2 children alone and was basically stressed out much of the time. I just wonder if there is a connection in how hard I worked and my disabilities today? The men I worked with never expected me to act feminine, just to do a good job. I earned a good living so I chose not to remarry and I never regretted it. I dated and could be feminine while not at work. Still, men are better at very heavy duty jobs because they have the strength most woman do not. I don’t think women should be in combat with men because I learned a long time ago men and women can’t be friends, especially if they are in close quarters. It’s asking for trouble and why so many women been raped in the military that eventually they won’t be able to hide it anymore. What good is “intellect” when your in a foxhole with a horny GI and there is no one around to hear you scream? Intellect is learned with maturity and education which young female recruits don’t always possess at 18.

  24. I think men and women are equal disregard of physical appearances. The unity between both is what creates life. But the world of materialism and dominance had altered the minds of higher consciousness and integrity to mere materialism and greed. The ultimate truth no gender is complete without the other and without the other there will be no such thing called life. The world is changing History is dying, women do enjoy social dominance over the coming years, more girls are being educated and do better than men. Men are not displaying male dominance anymore as they disregard the notion of being dominant over the other and treating their partners fairly.

    Men have the same feelings like women only thing they are socially bullied trying to be manly. Also there are women who bully men for no reason even if the man is innocent, so who to hold responsible ? There is no certanity.

    I don’t think it’s a gender issue but it is competition. The world is unfair in many ways. But just because one person does bad we have a choice not to be part of it not to be a sheep among the sheeps to gain recognition. We will be recognized for who we are and how different we are. We might not be slaves physically but mentally we are enslaved. To be free one must free one self from all attachments as Death is the ultimate reality and Death is beautiful. The physical Body that we Cherish so much is only an illusion, the life inside the physical body is the only reality. You are all born for a purpose and a reason to learn from this world.

  25. But it is true, men and women are not the same yet they have equal power regardless of what is imposed on them. Women have power men do not process and if someone says it is emotion driven well so is a man’s, All power is emotion driven based on the need of the moment. Women get away with stuff that men cannot and visa versa and claiming equality instead of mutual respect where difference does not meant different is just like a rose is not a lilley but they both are flowers. This is an age old argruent that gets people upset cause the road for dual equaility will always be a work in progress and therefore imperfect.

  26. Why are you using the term equality as one that means “different’. When you say men and women are not equal you seem to be referring to them being different. Even so, did you know that apart from the obvious major differences between sexes (e.g. sexual organs and hormones), there are actually more significant differences between people of same sex than between each other?

    As far as quotas go… They are there because of inequality, because men tend to prefer men in position of power. Nothing to do with merit then when they base their preferences between men and women. Then you ask how you know that the women selected through a quota deserve those roles? The same way that you know the men selected for a position deserves it. Or are you saying that the liberal party had no other women of merit for a cabinet position? If you are, then we do need quotas to prove this wrong.

  27. women want equality=the best joke of the last century/women are inferior work stuff in every job,therefore what they do?they Force you to employ women cause if there are no nazi laws kissing women asses,then women cannot ever ever ever in any Society be equal.If laws and behaviors for sexes were equal,then the wage gap would actually exist(now it exists only for feminists).Also women that want to be mothers is the only thing saving us for extinction or a male uprising against “equality”

  28. on the other hand,women are superior to some jobs,and in these jobs theyre 99% of the stuff(examples is teachers of small kids and foreigh language-related jobs),so why complain???.You “equality” females make good women be embarassed and you highlight the fight of the sexes which is a sick thing,men and women should love and fullfill each other,why cant you get that “equal” system will eventually fall into itself??

  29. and you will fail just because you make men feel and act bad,one day it will come too far.Should i mention the attack on gamers,metalheads and the Top of feminism idiocy:the critisism of the guy WHO landed a spacecraft ON A dont listen you anyway,you just poison weak girl minds.Also women would act feminine even if it wasnt allowed,and then you would call it oppresion,stop attacking your womanhood YOU ARE NOT MALE GET OVER IT

  30. I think everybody is equal but we have differences. When women is stronger than men at a particular thing women will help and vice versa and with that we will be equal like we are as one. Why we don’t just love, love and love. Give love. Help each other.

    Stop comparing ourselves being men or women, better or good, big or small, stonger or weak, islam or i’m catholic. Just love. Then our world will become peaceful. Lots of love, smile and happiness.

  31. joe carries two packs of shinlges up the ladder that weighs 140 pounds. jane carries one packet of shingles up the ladder that weighs 70 pounds. joe has done twice as much work in half the amount of jane. if joe and janes employer had won the bid for the roof based on the amount of time and labor how long would it take to compleat the roof with a crew of jane’s compaired to a crew of joe’s? and how long long wouth jane and joes employer’s company stay afloat based on this assesment. jane also belives she is underpayed and discriminated against based on her gender. the moral of the story is obvious. if you want equal pay, you do a equal amount of work.

  32. I am not entering into a debate, but being male in a western society is extremely hard. Not just are men rediculed, but there is nothing good about men. Men are portrayed as selfish, aggressive, competitive, cold, addicted, sluggish, rapists and sexually on high alert. Women are portrayed as clever, nourishing, petite, tender, loving, sociable, caring, beautiful…today western society therefore created an identity crisis associated with musculinity. How should the metrosexual, gentler, softer Mr. Eva Creation identify with musculinity and should they? Apparently muscles are not needed in the 21st century anymore, where brain power is the thing. We’re taught women have ample supply of it and they have law power too. Society also puts a lot of pressure on men, expecting men to be independent, marry and have kids. If not, you’re either gay or a lost case. This indicate that your reputation is linked to you getting married and have kids or at least have a girl friend. I know of two men just staying with their girls for their reputation in society.
    What should men do and where should we find our musculinity? Most men now see musculinity in their own bodies. It puts so much extra burden on men to be Mr. Muscle (ironically) by going to gym and be hairless with a tan – then comes all the cosmetic products and fashions as well! We have to keep it up. Our bodies and image make us a man. Apparently many men are using protein shakes and are on diets and the number of men suffering from having psycolocal effects because of their bodies are increasing by the day. Men are 3x more likely to commit suicide too.
    I believe the world should change its gender to adopt to the new age. All pregnant women should be treated to have girls only and when these girls one day want a baby they can knock on the sperm donor’s door for another girl. It will bring peace, intellect and a fair society to the western world…

  33. With so many independent women that make much more money than many men do, they really think their all that which their Not.

  34. The author of this article make a big mistake in assuming that biological instincts are stronger than what statistics would make out of the result of how people are raised and educated. A lot of our basic biological instincts can easily be overcome by the appropriate upbringing, education and technological progress, and that includes the requirement of women to bring up young and men to take the helm and lead the pack.
    This article is more suited in another time, say tribal stone age? Yes, women are weaker, they are submissive and men are stronger, more dominant, more prone to political action and leadership. The answer to why that is is not in biology, but social convention and construct. If we brought up the next generation of females identical to how we brought up males and vice versa, I guarantee you the roles would be completely switched. If we sat back and watched them bring up their young, it’d carry over to the next generation. That is if we overlook the factor of technological progress that would nullify the results pretty rapidly, so let’s say we carried out this experiment about 8 generations back or so. Then we’d get those kinds of results.

  35. JP2 stated that men and women are EQUAL IN DIGNITY yet different in a way that complements each other. So, while I understand your premise, you might want to add that little caveat in there…

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    You can’t deny facts, men and women are not the same, men are better.


  38. Any man made system or organisation can’t sustain itself within normal functioning if it has two person at helm having same powers , same duties and same rights.

    Can you imagine a country with two prime ministers or presidents, an army with two chiefs , a company with two CEOs, a film with two directors, a team with two captains ? …..

    it is against human nature and a clash is inevitable. As there are proverbs that there can’t be to lions in same jungle ….or there can’t be two swords in a single scabbard.

    Same applies to a couple in marital relation, equality can’t be in form of absolute identicality, no doubt there is a need for mutual trust and respect but only that is not enough , certainly one should have a slight edge over the other in decision making over crucial matters and slight differences in duties , rights and powers.

    Islam took human psychology, anatomy, physiology everything into account for its all rules relating to all aspects of human life.

    While West , seculars, atheists and rationalists failed to realise this very basic fact of life while postulating attractive looking (on face value) slogan of absolute GENDER EQUALITY in every matter.

    Results of which we can see in western societies in statistical terms mainly in form of promiscuity, crumbling family structures, very high divorce rates, teenage pregnancies, drug addictions, single mothers, moral degradation of society, high incidances of sexual offences, live in relations , psychiatric illnesses etc.

    1. ” …no doubt there is a need for mutual trust and respect …”

      How many women in your society where the burqa as opposed to men ?

  39. This is the biggest bs I’ve read today. If you had a quarter, 2 dimes, and a nickle in one hand, and two quarters in the other, both equal 50 cents. They may not be the same, but they are equal in value. Just because something is different, does not mean they are not equal. Using your opinion then, if you have black skin and someone has white skin – you must not be equal either. I truly believe, you cannot understand the struggle for equality when you haven’t experienced it. Just as I cannot understand your side, because I haven’t experienced it.

  40. Equality and scales: On one end, place 1pound of male or female bravery, on the other end, place 1pound of female or male compassion…the scales are equal in weight though the contents on each side is different.

  41. “Men dominate senior positions in the largest global companies, most likely because they have particular natural abilities to do those tasks well. ” haha. Are you just ignorant or delusional? The reason is patriarchy. When a child comes into the picture she is made to take a care giver role. Women don’t do household chores or become primary caregivers not because they like to do it or they are better at it, but because they are socially conditioned to do it. You and other like you are afraid women in equal standing.

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    I have also learnt that how to correct my mistakes.

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