The Hidden Rebellion

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The Hidden Rebellion
Why would a successful producer with 16 years of high-level experience and an offer to become the lead production manager for one of the most prominent major global media outlets suddenly give his notice?

It’s the same reason an award-winning director with a number of projects (and–even more time-consuming–a number of kids) would pick up and travel to France and volunteer his time, talent and treasure: For the cause of liberté.

Now, to be clear, this is in fact the current day and these two veteran filmmakers are not physically fighting. But they are fighting for hearts and minds just as so many faithful Christians fought so valiantly during the French Revolution through the filming of a powerful new docudrama to air on EWTN.

The project exposes the real–and previously hidden–story behind the French Revolution. The story is not one of populists against a tyrannical king as the narrative has played out, but more accurately represents a fight for the very soul of France: one that saw heinous religious persecution and a 117,000 person massacre. But not before a well-trained military ceded substantial ground to a loosely organized bunch of farmers and ‘wolf hunters’.

The oppressors, who eventually proved victorious, didn’t count on the steadfast faith of the Vendéans who refused to allow their priests to be exterminated through brute force. These simple peasants are our common ancestry in the Universal Church and they would never give up on religious liberty. Can we truly argue the same?

Indeed, much like the Cristeros in 1920’s Mexico and perhaps the United States of the future if we are not cautious, the Vendéans’ valiance is a story that must be told. This is not simply a cautionary tale, but one that can fuel global change if sufficient support can encourage the United Nations to recognize the massacre as a genocide.

This is critically important to us and for us as Catholics, as Christians and simply as people of good will. The French Revolution’s slaying of over 117,000 innocents served as the blueprint for Lenin, Pol Pot and other genocidal architects. Our response will serve as the blueprint for our children: What will that be?

As a reader, you have a choice: Do nothing and forget (as the French government has long tried to encourage). Or: Support the campaign to bring this docudrama to a reality and share this information with your Facebook network. You can contribute as little as $10 today by visiting

A vous de choisir – It’s up to you.

Ryan Eggenberger

Ryan Eggenberger

Ryan Eggenberger is a partner at Little Flower Strategies, LLC. He writes about travel, marketing, and his terrible parking skills. Follow him on twitter at @RyanEggenberger.

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3 thoughts on “The Hidden Rebellion”

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    Never say it cannot happen today and it cannot happen in our America. We are seeing signs of anti-Catholics anti-Christian values in our country and it can very well go to the next level as it happened in Mexico and in France and in many other parts of the world where we are persecuted and killed.

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