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I have worked and volunteered for the church for over 20 years now, helping to teach my first Religious Education class when I was a junior in high school and most recently serving as the Newman Director for a campus in Wisconsin. I love working for the church, but it can still take effort to build meaningful relationships, especially if you are new in town. Here are 10 ways to become an active member at your church.


Ten ways to get involved at your parish

1. First, bring this to prayer. Ask the Lord to bring new friends from church into your life. Be open to who God may be placing in your life as well. You can’t just sit back, you must play an active role. Look at the people you already know, even if just as acquaintances. Do you have anything in common with them, activities that you enjoy? Reach out and ask someone to get together.
2. Attend Daily Mass; this is a SUPER way to build relationships in the church. A lot of daily Mass goers will get together to pray a rosary or go for coffee afterward. If you attend daily Mass and there isn’t a group already, ask some people if they would like to go out for coffee.
3. Join a Young Adult Group. Many dioceses have very active young adult groups. Contact your diocese today to find out more or ask your parish if they have any activities going on.
4. Do you like to sing? Can you play the piano? Music ministry is a great way to get involved. My previous roommate was a part of her choir. After choir practice they would go out for dinner sometimes or have other get togethers. Do you play sports? Some churches have a softball league, a great way to meet others. Or perhaps there is a badminton or quilting group…
5. Does your parish host a monthly welcome meeting? Some parishes provide one every month where the pastor meets with everyone, share a meal and talk about what the parish has to offer.
6. Join the welcoming committee or become a greeter before Mass, become an usher or lector. Again, be active!
7. Become a Religious Education Instructor. Most parishes are always seeking RE teachers. It’s a great way to become involved and meet families. Plus volunteering is great! And when you teach about the faith, you end up learning more about the faith. Win, win!
8. Join the Knights of Columbus, ask about the Parish Council or any other organizations.

9. Work for the church! This is a sure way to build friendships. I know this is a stretch for most, seeing that most parishes boast a smaller staff. But it does take many hands to make a parish run; the secretary, parish bookkeeper, religious education director, youth minister and janitor, just to name a few. Hey, if you are very ambitious (and a male) become a priest! Then you will be sure to get to know people in your parish! Plus you get the best seat at Mass, every week!
10. Ask the pastor. Explain that you want to be more involved, and get to know others. Set up a meeting and see what there is to offer.

Sometimes if you want something to happen, you have to make it happen. If your parish doesn’t have a young adult group, monthly dinners, or softball league, volunteer to head one up! Remember, the church needs you!

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