Man Enough? An Invitation to Mission

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“Jesus is not an isolated missionary, he does not want to fulfill his mission alone, but involves his disciples.” – Pope Francis

#Man Enough? from Family Missions Company

At Family Missions Company we confidently know that God is calling many people today to proclaim the Good News. All Catholic families and laity are called to the apostolate of evangelization and sanctification of our world today. There is exciting growth in the numbers of Catholic lay missionaries especially families with children giving their lives to foreign mission throughout the world.

Do you feel called to be a full time missionary? We hope and pray that if you do, you will respond generously to that call with your whole heart and whole life. Indeed, it is a great challenge, and those of us who have given our lives as missionaries know that there is no better life than one given completely in the service of the Gospel.

Over the past two weeks, over a dozen of our male missionaries have written blogs about their own call to missions and how giving their YES to missionary work has made them better, holier men of God.

Man Enough

We want to invite you to watch and share the above video and visit FMC’s Man Enough? page to be enriched and convicted by the testimonies of those men whose lives have been transformed by their YES to the Great Commission.

Read them here at Man Enough?

Please contact our office if you would like additional information; we would love the opportunity to talk and pray with you.

Jesus is begging His Father to send laborers into the vineyard – the task is urgent, come with us into the fields!

Family Missions Company

Family Missions Company

Compelled by Jesus' missionary mandate, and filled with the Holy Spirit, Family Missions Company missionaries proclaim Jesus Christ and His Gospel to the poor. Always working in concert with the pastors of the Catholic Church, we strive to live the Gospel that we preach. We believe the Lord is calling many Catholic lay people, both singles and families, to serve in foreign missions, "the greatest and holiest duty of the Church." The need is urgent; we must go!

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