Fashion Resources for Women Who Want to Dress Modestly

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The best advertisement for modesty is the example of a woman who combines it with good taste. We women who are already convinced that we should dress up modestly sometimes wonder how we can look presentable, as our standards limit our clothing options in an environment where showing skin is considered “in”.

Fortunately, with creativity and help from experts, dressing up like a daughter of God can be fashionable and fun. The key is to integrate the latest trends into a personal style that highlights one’s assets and camouflages one’s liabilities. There are tons of resources on how to do this; the following are just a sampling.

My personal favorite is, created by image consultant Diana Pemberton-Sikes. It is loaded with tips on how real women – who may not have movie star budgets and drop-dead gorgeous model bodies – can look stylish. A sampling of her articles include “How to Read a Fashion Magazine”, “What to Do if You’re Not an ‘Average’ Size”, “Summer Business Attire Guidelines”, “Hide those Holiday Pounds”, “French Style Secrets Any Woman Can Use”. She also posts regular bulletins on the latest trends. One can also purchase e-books on fashion from the website.

I also like the book  Dress to Impress by Joyce Nelson Shellhart. From her story on how a navy blue blazer changed her life, to her innovative ways of how to wear scarves, Joyce Nelson Shellhart gives a lot of easy-to-follow advice on dressing.

Recently, I’ve subscribed to Verily magazine and I am happy so far with their maiden issue. The contents – not just on fashion, but also on culture, lifestyle, and relationships – bring fresh perspectives on dressing and living that are true to the magazine’s commitment to celebrate women as they are, and not as they are told to be.

Not all the contents in these resources may fit modesty standards 100%; some separation of the wheat from the chaff may still be necessary. But just the same, they show that we women who have decided to dress modestly need not suppress our womanly urge to get ourselves dolled up. We may not be slaves to fashion, but we can integrate today’s trends into a head-turning style that’s individual and tasteful. There are a thousand and one resources to tell us how to do it.

Cristina Montes

Cristina Montes

Cristina Montes, from the Philippines, is a lawyer, writer, amateur astronomer, a gardening enthusiast, a voracious reader, a karate brown belter, an avid traveler, and a lover of birds, fish, rabbits, and horses. She is a die-hard Lord of the Rings fan who reads the entire trilogy once a year. She is the eldest daughter in a large, happy Catholic family.

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