Prayer Joined to Sacrifice

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I wanted to write about prayer because I love to do it. What I really enjoy is when God answers prayer. That would be my favorite part of praying but still, I do immensely enjoy talking to God. I will admit that kneeling is not on my top 10 things to do when praying but I think that’s all going to change now.

The problem I am facing right now is nasty super heat mixed with I don’t have a car. The other gigantic problem is I don’t have a job. So the foul part when you put all these problems together is I don’t have money to buy a car. And that’s not pretty.

The nasty super heat in Managua creates sweatiness and makes me want to stay at home continuously. Hence the job hunting is zero added to my absolute want for a car equals negative 5. That’s not a great number to start at.

Now you are all catching on to my title!

Prayer joined to sacrifice constitutes the most powerful force in human history.

-Blessed Pope John Paul II

I really need to start praying on my knees and praying for a car much more seriously now. I should add sacrifice to my prayer! I have got to show God that I’m serious about this car. And to continue reminding Him that I do need a job very soon.

When I read the above quote I was in Adoration. I was sitting comfortably in a pew. I only kneeled for a little bit. That’s all going to change. Before going to bed tonight, I will kneel to pray. If Pope John Paul is telling me to add sacrifice, I will add sacrifice.

It was essential for me  to read this quote because I really want a car. Yes, I want to make life much more comfortable but I believe that Jesus is okay with that. I live in Managua and He knows that this city is dangerous. I am a beautiful little female that’s been robbed three times already. The car is truly a protective device too. In conclusion, the car isn’t just a luxury but a sanity tool as well.

The only person in the world that can help me is my dad.

We’re going to need “the most powerful force” big time.

I say we because I was hoping everyone reading this would say a prayer for my dad. That my dad be given a generous spirit.

I believe with my whole heart that nothing is impossible for the Lord. I believe that God can help me.

Through her tears she looked up to heaven, for she trusted in the Lord wholeheartedly.

-Daniel 13,35

I’m a little bit like Susanna. I memorized this verse some years back. I know God gave me this gift of trusting in Him wholeheartedly. I love that word, that’s exactly how I would describe my gift: I trust the Lord with my whole heart.

This gift comes in handy always and I’m just realizing now that it goes hand in hand with my gift of loving to pray. I love to pray because I trust in God mightily. It’s so natural for me to ask Him for things because I BELIEVE I’LL GET THEM.

Here are some beautiful quotes that I found when I was reading the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults in the chapter God Calls Us to Pray.

True prayer is nothing but love.

                                                                       -St Augustine


Prayer is the inner bath of love into which the soul plunges itself.

                                                                    -St John Vianney


If a man wants to pray, let him go and pray.

                                                                    -the Rule of St Benedict


Dear Father,

I believe with my whole heart that You can make my dad’s heart generous. You know I don’t want to bother my dad but a car would make things safe and easier. Help me please Good and Kind Lord. I also need a job and this car would make it possible for me to work anywhere. Please give me a job I’ll enjoy. Lord, remember I am alone and have no one but You (Esther C,14). May it be done to me according to Your word (Luke 1,38). Amen

Audrey Cabrera Amort

Audrey Cabrera Amort

I am a young practicing Catholic only interested in getting to heaven. Right now God has me living in Nicaragua. It has been quite the adventure and I don't know when I will be back in my beautiful home state of Cali. I love Pope John Paul II and he will be my favorite male saint with St Therese being my fave female saint. I love to write about my faith.

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