music to make you smile

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By the time the seasons change I am  ready for change in most areas of my life.  So as autumn comes rolling in I’m putting away the  iced coffee, flip flops, and Weezer’s blue album and bringing out the chai tea, cardigans, and a new playlist.

In case you too are looking for some good music, allow me to make a few suggestions.  Hopefully there’ll be a little something for everyone!

#1 – Mat Kearney covering Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark.  I’m no Jimmy Fallon, but I love me some Springsteen and I love Kearney’s cover of this song.


#2 – The Head and the Heart’s Down in the Valley is just another in a long line of their songs that I love.  Their music is so earthy and human, not slicked up.  Delicious.


#3 – This is probably not the Johnny Cash song you would have picked.  I mean, there’s Jackson or Ring of Fire or Hurt or Boy Named Sue.  But I just like this one.  It’s the way he says the line about the virgins trimming their wicks.


#4 – Je’kob’s Love is All has a really fun beat and, while there is a lyric telling you to “build your relation, kill your religion,” I just look at it as a great conversation starter for how the Catholic Church is the One, True church founded by Christ.


#5 All I can say about this one is that I’m making my way through Lost again on Netflix.


#6 So I actually have been listening to this song since last spring but it sounds ever-knew, no?  Dear Lumineers, never break up!  Thank you.  Love, Bonnie


#7  Needtobreathe’s Lay ‘Em Down makes the list because, quite frankly, I like stompy – clappy songs.


#8 Ok Go’s Here We Go Again is the song I use to announce pregnancies on my blog.  And there’s lots of love for their song This Too Shall Pass.  But I like this song and video just as much.  And I may wish I had three friends who would be willing to learn the dance with me but I would never say that out loud.  Ever.


#9 Audrey Assad is rockin’ the xylophone in this one.  She is also rockin’ one fantastic scarf.  And… the song is beautiful which is the most important part.


#10 Well, what do you think #10 should be? I’m taking requests!

Want to see my recommendations from last fall?  Click away!

Bonnie Engstrom

Bonnie Engstrom

Bonnie Engstrom is a cradle Catholic and stay-at-home mom. She married her dashing husband in 2006 and they now have five children: one in Heaven and four more wandering around their house, probably eating pretzels found under the couch. Bonnie lives in central Illinois and gets excited about baking, music, film adaptations of Jane Austen books, and the Chicago Bears. She was a cofounder of The Behold Conference and she blogs at A Knotted Life.

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7 thoughts on “music to make you smile”

  1. Bonnie,

    Great choice with The Lumineers! I guess great minds hear a like!

    Along similar indie/folk lines, I am trying to convince Odessa Rose to put something in downloadable format. Here she is singing for imogene +willie:

    Thanks for the others.

    And not to forget, Mumford and Sons release later this month!

  2. I’ve been obsessed with “Just Say Yes” by Snow Patrol (off their fabulous album “Up to Now”) and Linkin Park’s new album “Living Things” (esp. “Roads Untraveled”, “Powerless”, and “In My Remains”). The Snow Patrol song leaves me feeling alive and happy, and the Linkin Park songs motivate me to go out there and take on the world and everything life might throw at me. I do not believe there are any curse words or inappropriate messages on either disc, and neither of the bands are on Rock for Life’s “bands who advocate abortion” list, which means I can enjoy them without a guilt trip! 🙂 Enjoy!

    (Disclaimer: I am not familiar with everything these bands produce, so this is not a full-out promotion of all their work, only of these specific discs. Thank you!)

  3. I’m trying to listen to more music, and new-to-me music, especially now that I have a spotify account. I really like these, especially The Head and the Heart, who I had never listened to before. Thanks, Bon!

  4. Mat Kearney and The Head and The Heart are two of my favorites! Love your picks and looking forward to exploring all of them!

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