October Baby: Another Awesome Christian Film.

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This fall there have actual been a few movies out there that are more than “just ok” These movies make you laugh, cry, and walk away wanting to be a better person.(Courageous, Mighty Macs, to name a few), but this past weekend I was introduced to the movie October Baby.

“October Baby” tells the story of Hannah, a beautiful 19-year-old college freshman who discovers late in life not only that she was adopted but also the survivor of a failed abortion. Desperate for answers, she embarks on a road trip with a few of her friends in search of her biological mother, discovering hope, love and forgiveness in the process.

The Film is produced and co-directed by Andrew Erwin, alongside his brother Jon. They heard a girl named Gianna Jessen speak who is an abortion survivor with cerebral palsy [due to her premature birth from the attempted abortion] and were so arrested by her testimony that they had to do something with the information they had learned.”

They decided that “Looking at the issue through the eyes of a victim was a really disarming way to engage a touchy subject,” And that was the beginning of October Baby. Right now the movie is only showing on a limited basis in Alabama and Mississippi, but set to be released to a wider audience in the spring of 2012.

I laughed and cried through the whole movie. The acting is really fantastic, and especially convincing is the main star Rachel Hendrix as “Hannah” There is a particular touching scene when Hannah goes into a church (our own St. Paul’s Cathedral here in Birmingham) and talks to the priest there. The characters in the film are not Catholic, but they treat Catholicism with great respect. It is so refreshing to see a Catholic Priest portrayed in a positive light.

Also, heartwarming and fun was Hannah’s relationship with her boyfriend Jason. In our world where we are encouraged to have relationships without sacrifice, it was delightful to see a positive relationship that focused on friendship and sacrificial love.

I am asking everyone to do everything you can to help promote this movie. We need more films like this out there ifluencing people in a positive manner. Check out October Baby’s website here:octoberbabymovie.net

Anybody else who has been lucky enough to see it, please let me know what you thought of it!


Rachel Zamarron

Rachel Zamarron

Rachel is a wife, Catholic, and cowgirl. Married to her sweetheart Sam, the two of them are enjoying the adventures of life hand-in-hand.

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5 thoughts on “October Baby: Another Awesome Christian Film.”

  1. Avatar

    Wait, what? Age 19, college freshman, is “late in life”? Hey! Those of us over the age of *cough* twenty…okay…*ahem*thirty….well….*sigh*forty… will just have to disagree with that point. 🙂 I won’t let that stop me from looking for this one to come to a theater near me, though.

  2. Avatar

    Misspeaches, I dont think the point was that 19 is late in life to be a college freshman but it is late in life to learn the circumstances of your birth. BTW, I am right there with you…47 and a grandma and in a successful career, but one started with a nursing diploma, not a bachelors degree. I actually speak internationally on my area of specialty but will likely be deciding between retirement or going back to school in the near future. “Where is grandma’s thermos? Im late for school”…it sounds funny but may be my reality soon.

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    Abigail C. Reimel

    I totally agree. I loved this movie, and thought it was very gutsy, discussing the topic of abortion so frankly, without trying to soften how horrible the “procedure” is. I also really appreciated the love story; like you said, it is refreshing to see a pure, respectful love story on the big screen. I hope this trend continues! God bless!

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