Some Catholics believe in Mary instead of Jesus?

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A Catholic friend of mine told me that “we are not suppose to trust in Mary but some Catholics believe strongly in Mary instead of Jesus Christ. And that is my problem with the Catholic Church.”

My response was a quick one as expected. 🙂

I highly doubts that if I show deep love and respect/honour to your mum it would be offensive to you? That’s the case with Mary over here.

I am in the Legion of Mary and I have defended our Lady more than I can count. I admit that sometimes I have some difficulties myself in reading some Marian works. But this is because I am still growing in the Catholic Faith which I converted to at Easter 1999. I was baptized in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana and I lived most of my life in the Occult. Most of the schools I attended were Methodist in flavour. I obtained a bachelor degree in Information Technology at the Methodist University of Ghana and I did my National Service at the Methodist Senior High School as an IT Tutor. So yes, concerning education, I have strong Protestant formation and this is the same places where my Catholic conviction were strengthen.

Isn’t it quite ironic for the saintly Archbishop Fulton Sheen to say, “I tell my relatives and best friends, ‘If you want your children to fight for their faith, send them to public school. If you want them to lose their faith, send them to Catholic school.’”?

At the Methodist University I met with lot of questions and challenges to the Catholic Faith I converted too. Most of these questions were from ex-Catholics who were the active Evangelical guys and girls at campus. I almost left the Catholic Church because I nearly believed those charges, and especially a cousin of mine who was quite holy than me and smarter than me and much more a cradle Catholic left the Catholic Church earlier before my College admission. This was such a puzzle for me. I became Catholic due to certain spiritual truths I discovered within the Occult, but I wasn’t Catholic because of intellectual/theological reasons.

So what did I do? As an IT guy, I did some research online. I went to almost all the anti-Catholic sites that ever existed online and read all the hardcore prejudices against Holy Mother Church. I needed some solid reasons to leave the Catholic Church at least. This is how I learnt about the word APOLOGETICS and thank God I got to meet one of the finest Catholic apologist on the Internet. A man by name Mark Bonocore. He gave me some tough time. He made me think quite well and from my encounter with him, I started learning and appreciating the Catholic Church more and more everyday at my College days. I have to admit that I didn’t get first class honours partly becasue I was focusing on too much apologetics stuff instead of hacking codes and learning programming languages. That’s the passion that truth could stir in us if we encounter it.

I recently debunked Jack Chick tract on Our Lady over here Catholic Fiction: Responding to Myths & Half-Truths: Why Is Mary Crying? Chick Cartoon Tracts

Kindly watch a video I did on the Rosary entitled Is the Rosary Biblical? in response to a widely known anti-Catholic ministry called Jesus Is Savior below:

Ave Maria!

Photo Credit: Flickr

PS: Excuse my British English. . . It’s part of the colonial thing 🙂

“Jesus is your friend. The Friend. With a human heart, like yours. With loving eyes that wept for Lazarus. And he loves you as much as he loved Lazarus.” Saint Josemaría Escrivá — Godwin Delali Adadzie is a Catholic living in Ghana, West Africa. A former smoker (Fish smoker now a Vegetarian) but still loves to drink a lot (of water). He attempts to blog at the Fair (HubBlogs with GADEL), the Good (Blessed Virgin our Mother Mary Immaculate), the Bad (GADEL Said What?) and the Ugly (Catholic Fiction: Responding to Myths & Half-Truths)

Godwin Delali Adadzie

Godwin Delali Adadzie

Godwin Delali Adadzie is a Christian living in Africa. He is the founder of CATHOOLIC. Most people know him for his work Let’s talk about the Rosary. He can be reached on his Twitter handle @Apologetics.

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15 thoughts on “Some Catholics believe in Mary instead of Jesus?”

  1. Avatar

    Your video in defense of the rosary and of Mary is
    absolutely wonderful, and the Ave Maria playing in
    the background is very moving. Thank you for all
    your good work.

  2. Avatar

    FANTASTIC APOLOGETICS! THE BLIND REMAIN SO BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE TO. May God grant revelational knowledge through the ppower of the HOLY SPIRIT so all may be blessed with the understanding and accsptance of these revealed TRUTHS!

  3. Avatar

    On the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee, and the Mother of Jesus was there. Both Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding , and when they ran out of wine the Mother of Jesus said to Him, “They have no wine.”
    Jesus said to her, “Woman what does your concern have to do with me? My hour has not yet come?” His mother said to the servants,”Whatever He says to you, do it.” And Jesus turned water into the most excellent wine, out of love for His Mother. I don’t understand why man makes such a problem about Mary. We worship God only but honor/venerate Mary because God created Her to be the most Holy Tabernacle for His Word to become Man. Please read attentively a poem I wrote some years ago :


    Oh Thou,
    most beautiful a woman
    most tender of all mothers
    most brilliant STAR of DAVID
    Masterpiece of God’s creation
    to the Holy Trinity
    most precious Pearl
    towards your Son the Golden Bridge
    Golden Gate
    to the Holy City
    thru which our Savior
    came and comes
    Most sacred Vessel
    containing the most Holy
    My soul,
    is drowning
    in the beauty of your eyes
    in the sweetness of your smile
    in the burning oven of your heart
    in the greatness of your littleness
    in the eloquence of your silence
    in the mystery of your simplicity
    Oh Thou,
    safest of my earthly havens
    dearest hiding-place of mine
    truly my refuge
    my sweetest, sweetest mother
    keep me with your Son Divine
    save me from the wordly evils
    strengthen my so fragile faith
    cover me
    with your motherly mantle
    Oh Mary, you most gentle
    Your child I am FOREVER !!!

    Rita B.
    August 10 1999 Feast of Saint Lawrence

  4. Avatar

    As someone said above WONDERFUL APOLOGETICS and also may I add WONDERFUL WITNESS!
    Your comment “I became Catholic due to certain spiritual truths I discovered within the Occult…” really struck a chord with me because for some time now, I have noticed that the most devout Catholics are often those who are part of the Chrismatic Renewal and an unusually high proportion of these were cradle Catholics who – before finding fulfillment in mainstream Catholicism – sought to asuage their spiritual hunger via dabbling with New Age etc. Ironcially enough, due to the keen awareness of the existence of the devil Baptism in the Spirit brings(uncharacteristic in mainstream Catholicism)many within the charismatic movement have begun to demonise those having had previous involvement in the occult as somehow suspect when I in fact think it is the other way round i.e. they are obviously people with a deep need to express their spirituality who had now been shown how this expression could come to fulness within Catholicism. SO TO THE CRUX OF THIS EMAIL…would you help me to defend people like yourself please, by outlining the nature of the “spiritual truths” that you discovered within the Occult. I know Our Blessed Mother will protect and guide us all in this matter, because she wants to bring us to the Truth of her Son and hates to see those within her Church discriminating against one another when the evil one blinds them to the truth – which sets us all free! In the peace of Christ Jesus!

    1. Avatar

      Hi Ann,
      I shall get back to you. I think in writing those “spiritual truths,” I have to write about my Conversion story which I have refused to write for now unfortunately. But I do agree with you that there are some people in the Church that do discriminate against others. Over here in Ghana, sometimes those within the Charismatic Renewal Movement seem to think that they are more ‘better’ than those who are so in love with Catholic traditions, especially, devotions to our Blessed Mother Mary. I think these confusions happen as a result of poor catechizes and also some form of spiritual blindness and pride.

      May our Lady help us to see and live better. Amen.

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