Big Bro

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The editors of this site asked me to write a post introducing myself.

Greetings earthlings.

[Full Stop]

I don”t think that will quite cut it. So, I”ll try again.

When I was 21, I started teaching 17 year olds religion in high school. That next year, I became the assistant varsity basketball coach, and through a twist of unfortunate events, became the head coach for most of the year. So there I am, all of 22 and staring down the eyes of guys bigger and only a few years younger than me.

At this time, before my body gave up on me, I was very athletic. In high school I had competed at the top level in four sports, had a 38 inch vertical, ran a sub-5 minute mile, could bench press twice my weight, and squat almost three times it (not to mention leap over medium size lego buildings in a single bound–yes its all true). I am taking 4 Advil right now as you read this…

During a heated moment in the locker room, I decided that I needed more leverage than the fact I could beat them in a wind sprint or pick up their father. I was clearly not the “father” these young men never had. I was teaching at a private school and I was fairly certain (a) almost everyone had an active father in their lives and (b) it was genetically and physiologically impossible for me to claim paternity for any of these young men.

What would be my leverage?

I could be their big bro!

That”s right. Been there. Done that. And only just a few years ago. Listen to me young people, I”m no sage with a graying beard but I can remember like it was yesterday what Saturday morning cartoons and endless video games on Friday nights feels like. I”ve tasted Saved By the Bell, and I have survived Screetch. If you don”t know what Saved By the Bell is, it is this show…

…never mind, I”m showing my age.

When I looked at the site contributors, I realized I was one of the older contributors. Sniff, sniff. I turn 30 in a few weeks, so this post is a perfect opportunity for me to come to terms with the gray hairs in my sideburns. At VP, I”m here to be a “big bro”, to witness to the “road you are about to travel”. If you happen upon this site and we are peers or you are older than me, then just completely disregard this post. I am not your big bro, I am your little bro so go ahead and give me a noogie.

Like what I had to say? Hate it? Check me out at my blog where I discuss why I’m Catholic and other things about that @

For a little more about me, .

Brent Stubbs

Brent Stubbs

is a father of five (+ 1 in heaven), husband of one, convert, and a generally interested person. He has a BA in Theology, studied graduate philosophy, has an MBA, is a writer (or so he tells himself) and prefers his coffee black. His website is Almost Not Catholic. His Twitter handle is @2bcatholic. His favorite color is blue.

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4 thoughts on “Big Bro”

  1. Avatar

    I always feel so much older than everyone else! I’ve been an assistant youth minister to full time youth minister since I was 22 myself. Even now, you mention that you’re one of (if not THE) oldest at this site – and I’m older than you! (even if it is just by a few weeks!)

    I do have one thing going for me though – I lack the gray hair. 😉

    Looking forward to more entries from you!

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