The Truth Is

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I think I responded yes before I finished reading the invitation to write for In hindsight prudence would say I probably should have taken some time to prayerfully discern my involvement or obtained advice from a spiritual mentor. The truth is I’ve been waiting for something like this for six years…

Let me explain.

In my finest college days, Catholicism was a term I lived loosely; my identity was first and foremost a college student, and much further down the list possibly a weekend Catholic. To make matters worse I had an inability to relate to other “Catholic” students on campus, at least the practicing ones.

When I began questioning my faith it was more important than ever for me to find other Catholics living the faith who could assure me in my quest to re-discover Catholicism, but I simply couldn’t. I surely could have found plenty of apologetics resources or arguments for the existence of God but that’s not what I wanted, that wasn’t enough. I needed someone I could relate to and trust show me God exists. As backwards as this denial of logical reasoning is, I think most young adults find that much of their own reasoning is not only based on their own subjective experience, but also the subjective experience of others. Fact and truth has been replaced by advice and feeling.

Which brings me to my point, the beauty of

As I’ve heard it said, truths are good, living truths are better. There is a saint for every person, profession, vocation and country, and for all the variety of young adults out there there is a young adult living the faith from a similar background.

Thats why I’m so happy to be a part of this initiative. Looking through the contributers’ bios, you can see the great differences and life experiences each writer faces, yet the communion of our Catholic faith continues to bring us together.  These are young adults who are really living the faith.

The truth is young adult Catholics don’t need watered down teaching. They don’t need laser light shows after communion accompanied by Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer”. Young adult Catholics need peers they can relate to, living the Gospel authentically and sharing the truth, goodness, and beauty they find there.

My hope is that through sharing my own experiences, failings and findings other young adults may benefit. I’m sure I will learn a thing or two about myself in the process.

Steven Lawson

Steven Lawson

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6 thoughts on “The Truth Is”

  1. BOOM! That is exactly what we need. None of this cyber/media trash exposing it’s pornographic tentacles trying to crush the church in one fell swoop through targeting itself on disinterested young people who don’t mind being brain washed into believing wrong is right. Steven knows it doesn’t need to be controversial to be impactful, he also must know that in order to be impactful he simply needs to be truthful. Exactly what Stevens first article blissfully and simplistically engaged in-Truth.

  2. Steven since I TOTALLY missed the “JPII” generation even though I existed then, due to leaving the Church at 15 while Pope Paul VI was Pontiff and returning 5 months after the homegoing of Blessed John Paul II, I find I am very devoted to him now and trying to make up for lost time…so, aged though I may be I will consider myself a part of this page and certainly read yours and other contributor’s comments. Plus I particularly agree with you on this one. I left at age 15 to “go have a personal walk with Jesus.” If ANYONE, even one person, in my high school and college environment had been able to really reflect Christ to me through their Catholic Faith I might never have left, or at least not waited 35 years and alot of detours to return. So I “get” what you are saying…we need to BE that person to those around us. I pray I will be from now onwards. I am glad you are already.

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