Noel Ethan Tan

Fox & Birds

Amos 2:6-16, Psalm 50, Matthew 8:18-22 The book of Amos teaches a most pure monotheism. Throughout his book, there isn’t a single reference to other

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Erin Cain

The Oil of Charity

We must not think that our love has to be extraordinary. But we do need to love without getting tired. How does a lamp burn?

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Christ and the Rich Young Ruler, Heinrich Hofmann (1889)
Noel Ethan Tan

Jesus and the Rich Youth

Mark 10:17-27 The Gospel on the rich young man is rich with meaning. It is noteworthy to point out that Jesus still loved the youth

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Jean Elizabeth Seah


O my Jesus, Thou who art very Love, enkindle in my heart that Divine Fire which consumes the Saints and transforms them into Thee. O

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Emma King

Do Not Fear Gay Marriage

Gay “marriage” will threaten, snarl, huff and puff, but we should not fear. For, upon this rock Christ built His Church. It will not fall simply because evil huffs and puffs a little louder.

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Fr. Edward Lee Looney

The Power of Tears

Over the past few months, I have witnessed the tears of many people. Some have been tears of joy for an answered prayer. Others have

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