Noel Ethan Tan

The Mass

Something greater than Jonah is here (Mt 12:41b). I remember when I first read John 6:53-58, I was so touched that tears welled in my

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Kat Larson

Jet Lag

Here it is, 3:44 AM in New York City and I am wide awake because it is 9:44 AM in France. I have been back

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Mike Filce

Falling Away and Coming Home

There has been no shortage of critiques levied at the Catholic Church in recent decades. Plenty to attack, after all. I grew up with neighbors

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A Journey Home

By guest writer Louis Felix Figueroa. My body was strung out on the couch and pain filled every part of me. This was the changing

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Elizabeth Hillgrove

Quenching thirsts

During His travels, Jesus came to Samaria and sat by the stone wall of a simple well. He asked a woman there for a drink,

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