Nicholas Lye

Rock Towers

“And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church ⛪” (Mt 16:18) Whenever I come across

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Kat Larson

Duc in Altum

I am getting tired of this never-ending job search. I am also getting tired of constantly feeling judged that I do not have a better

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Noel Ethan Tan

Two Charcoal Fires

There are only two charcoal fires (Greek: anthrakia) mentioned in the whole Bible, and they are both in the Gospel of John. The first anthrakia

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Cristina Montes

Reflections from the Crowds

I volunteered to be part of the “human barricade” in one of the scheduled events during the current papal visit to my country. Our job

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Jason Theobald

Re-Stating the Narrative

As if there weren’t enough articles, blogs, books, interviews, and every other form of print and media already out there about Pope Francis and Pope

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Shaun McAfee

Answers to a “Pagan Christmas”

Charlie gave Linus the pop quiz: what is Christmas all about? Of course, Linus proclaims the birth of Christ (was Linus named after the second Pope?)

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Matthew Olson

Minding the Monarchical Church

The Church functions within a monarchical structure – this is important to remember. In addition to this, though, Her system applies to operations in the

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Brent Stubbs

Why We Cry For The Pope

(among other things) To our dear separated brothers and sisters, nothing comes across as more counterintuitive to the Christian religion than the Pope. The great german theologian,

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Jennifer Mazzara

Spes et Mutatio

Some of our contributors are off in the wilds of Spain this week, taking part in World Youth Day.  We heard from Trista on Monday,

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