Kat Larson

The Prodigal Daughter

There is one girl I work with whom I believe Mary has a special plan for. She was born on the Feast of the Assumption

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Kat Larson


Today I witnessed a true and undeniable miracle. A few blogs back I wrote about my experience while waiting to enter the baths in Lourdes,

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Kat Larson

Jet Lag

Here it is, 3:44 AM in New York City and I am wide awake because it is 9:44 AM in France. I have been back

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The Extra Jar of Oil

By guest writer Rev. Fr. Michael Chua. I returned last month from a pilgrimage to Western Europe. As usual, I was bombarded by the same

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Cristina Montes

Running to Bethlehem

One of the sites included in the itinerary of the Holy Land pilgrimage I joined was the Chapel of the Angels, a Catholic church located

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Sr. Lisa Marie

Totus Tuus Again…and Again

All around the World people are making final preparations for World Youth Day in July, my thoughts wandered back to its beginnings. canada generic viagra

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