hipster nativity
Jean Elizabeth Seah

The Hipster Nativity Set

As a child, one of my favorite things about Christmas was the Nativity scenes. From the teeny-tiny one on my family’s home altar to the

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Amanda Castro

A Simple Stable

With my job come several wonderful perks. Attending weekly mass with the Catholic School is one of them. It’s a K-8 school, and my favorite

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Emi Parker

Shakespeare’s Nativity Scene

The works of William Shakespeare abound with the truths of the Catholic faith. Especially in his later plays (often called the “romances”), Shakespeare focuses his

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Giotto's nativity
Anna Williams


What has been is what will be,/ and what has been done is what will be done; / and there is nothing new under the

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The Cross from the Creche

We received a very curious Christmas card. Mary is tenderly holding the sleeping Christ child, her veil a crimson red. Behind her is the cross,

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