Risen Movie Review: A Jerusalem X-File

Every Lent and Easter brings up movie adaptations of Jesus’ life, and this year’s new installment is Risen, produced by Sony’s Affirm Films faith-based division.

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Matthew Higgins

Christ the Uncommon King

One of the greatest sporting event upsets of all time arguably happened during the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York when the United

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Fr. Edward Lee Looney

Are We a Well Read Culture?

Two years ago when the first Hunger Games movie was released, I wanted to be in the know because all my friends were talking about

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Merry Digital Christmas

As the day of Christ’s birth hurtles towards us, it is definitely easy to get caught up in the spin of things. Retailers, desperate to

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Ryan Eggenberger

The Hidden Rebellion

Why would a successful producer with 16 years of high-level experience and an offer to become the lead production manager for one of the most

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