Noel Ethan Tan

The Markan Sandwich

Wisdom 1:13-2:24 , Psalm 30, 2 Corinthians 8:7-15, Mark 5:21-43 Mark 5 mentions the raising of Jairus’ daughter, switches to the woman with a hemorrhage,

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Kat Larson


Today I witnessed a true and undeniable miracle. A few blogs back I wrote about my experience while waiting to enter the baths in Lourdes,

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Erin Cain

Nothing Will Be Wasted

When I saw last Friday’s Gospel reading, I thought, I’m pretty sure I’ve already written a reflection about this story before. Turns out—yep. Twice. So I tried

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Death of St. Joseph
Jean Elizabeth Seah

Where Is Your Soul?

If anything could prove the existence of a soul, it is the utter emptiness of a corpse. — Mary Doria Russell, Children of God When

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Miracles Happen!

It’s not often that I recollect a real-life happening upon the great expanse of Internet. That’s the sort of thing I usually prefer to reserve

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