Guest post by Br. Gregory Liu, OP. Just a few days ago, I heard about the death of a brother, a Dominican priest, Fr. Joachim

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Emma King

Do Not Fear Gay Marriage

Gay “marriage” will threaten, snarl, huff and puff, but we should not fear. For, upon this rock Christ built His Church. It will not fall simply because evil huffs and puffs a little louder.

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Cristina Montes

The Witness of Our Lives

The image of the ISIS’ beheading of Egyptian Coptic Christians has provoked various reactions: sympathy, outrage, exhortations to prayer, demands for action, and symbolic displays

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Emma King

Joan of Arc: Model of Strength

In our glorification of Joan’s work and martyrdom, I believe it becomes a temptation to gloss over the Joan of Arc who was tried before being burned at the stake. The Joan who was taken to trial is the Joan we should – and can – aspire to be, because the Joan at trial was incredibly human.

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