Nathalie Fernandez

No Fear in Love

Today, my community did an exegesis of John 20-21. What struck me the most is found in John 20:21 and 21:3. When Jesus appeared to

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Noel Ethan Tan

The Last Shall Be First

Mark 10:28-31 This Gospel passage continues from where the rich youth rejected our Lord’s counsel to cast away his riches and thus, went away sorrowful.

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Erin Cain

Remain in Me

Before meeting Jesus on the road to Damascus, Paul was “breathing murderous threats against the disciples of the Lord,” and yet today we remember him

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Nathalie Fernandez

The Treasure of Sin?

Some of us (me definitely included) fall into despair sometimes when we believe that we are too damned. We detest sin — as we all

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Angelica Kauffman, Christus und die Samariterin am Brunnen (1796)
Jean Elizabeth Seah


God is closer to us than water is to a fish. – St. Catherine of Siena Water is weird. Have you ever had that thought?

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Doubting Thomas

I love Easter! I love the readings, the flowers, the extra Alleluias, the joy and of course the Resurrection. During our weekly staff meeting our priest

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