Jean Elizabeth Seah

The Beggar on the Bus

One afternoon, I was on a bus to the city when a disheveled young man boarded the bus. He was in gray pajamas, barefoot, and

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AnneMarie Miller

Let Yourself Be Moved

Every January, pro-life marches and events are held across the country. We talk about abortion in our parishes and homes, and we eagerly attend special

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Marissa Standage

It’s all about Love

There are a great variety of vocations in life, but all require a deep, persistent love.  Whether we look at our vocation in general terms

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Marissa Standage

The Trouble with Time

“I’m sorry—I just don’t have time!” How often have we heard words like these—and how often do we express this lack ourselves! At least, I

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Luke Arredondo

On Beauty and Planned Parenthood

One of my favorite authors, Dietrich von Hildebrand, makes an interesting argument about the relationship between beauty and virtue.  Essentially, what he said was that

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Erin Cain

First, Do No Harm

Since the beginning of the practice of medicine, the Hippocratic Oath has been used to ensure that medicine remains oriented toward its true purpose: “First,

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Morgan McFarlin

Becoming Confidently Pro-Life

Regardless of your stance on abortion, it’s safe to assume you would agree that it is a hot button topic. What’s a person to do

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Women's Issues
Mary Proffit Kimmel

Reflections of a Sidewalk Counselor

Every Friday morning, my mother and I visit the local abortion clinic.  Women travel from three neighboring states to terminate their pregnancies.  The doctor flies

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Chelsea Houghton

The Importance of Life Media

One of the downsides of being pro-life in 2013 is the negative stereotyping. Being”pro-choice” is so normalized and they seem to have the popular debate

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Catholic Education
Sean Connolly

An Easy Essay

Peter Maurin believed in teaching ancient principles to the man on the street in the language of the man on the street. Peter Maurin believed

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