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The Poor

April 20th, 2016 | by Nicene Guy

The term “social justice” is one which is unfortunately polarized and even politically charged, thanks in no small part to

Look Him in the Eye

April 26th, 2015 | by Morgan McFarlin

How often do you walk by someone who is homeless or in need, asking for change on the street? This

Some Obstacles to Happiness

May 27th, 2014 | by Nicene Guy

“If you are unhappy, I question whether you are truly Christian.” So concludes my columnist-colleague and brother Dominican, TJ Burdick,

Celebrating Christmas on the Streets

January 2nd, 2014 | by Cristina Montes

In the Philippines, while the well-to-do families feast on traditional ham, roasted suckling pig, steak, or turkey on Christmas Eve,

Tyrannical Charity

November 6th, 2013 | by Chris Ricketts

Among the many things that Christ taught His disciples, charity is one of the principles focus groups in office buildings

To Guide The Helpless

July 19th, 2012 | by Allie Terrell

And hospitality do not forget; for by this some, being not aware of it, have entertained angels. – Hebrews 3:2

404 Error

May 11th, 2012 | by Jennifer Mazzara

My brain is not in the least interested in our symposium topic this week.  The address for “mercy” + “forgiveness”

Living poverty

April 9th, 2012 | by Anna Williams

In the latest installment of USA Today’s On Religion series, veteran journalist Judith Valente writes about Benedictine nuns in Atchison,


October 15th, 2011 | by Royce Hood

Global uprising as Occupy Wall Street Spreads International, Riots in Rome.   When the Tea Party spread across the nation,

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