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Martyrdom in Mosul

August 13th, 2014 | by Molly Milroy

When I heard of the atrocities happening in Mosul this past week, I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t. This

Christ Teaches Us How to Die

April 17th, 2014 | by Chelsea Zimmerman

For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example that you should

Good News About Down Syndrome

November 5th, 2013 | by Chelsea Zimmerman

The modern search and destroy mission to wipe people with Down syndrome off of the planet through eugenic abortion has taken so much love and joy out of the world. Not only is life with Ds not as bleak as most parents are told when their child is prenatally diagnosed, but scientists are making significant advancements in the treatment some of the more serious side-effects of the disorder

Enterprise Ethics

October 3rd, 2013 | by Chelsea Zimmerman

One of my favorite television shows when I was younger was Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’ve been watching some

Death is Not a Right

June 16th, 2012 | by Chelsea Zimmerman

A little late to our symposium here on “mercy and killing.”  The “and,” our editor informed us, was meant to

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