Leah Jacobson

New Feminism is True Feminism

Feminist. The f-word of femininity. Ok, maybe that’s a little over the top and not exactly true, but stay with me for a second here. 

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Sarah Babbs

Thirst Quenching

“O let all who thirst, Let them come to the water And let all who have nothing, Let them come to the Lord.” Today’s post

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Sarah Babbs

Lord, When?

I sat down to read the newspaper, baby napping, hot coffee in hand. The headline – 1 in 15 Americans Now Part of Poorest Poor

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Elizabeth Hillgrove

Being nun the wiser

With the help of a winky face, Sister Lisa challenged me to reach into the deep end of my spirituality. Her honest and beautiful approach

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Sarah Babbs

Good Wins

“Fairy tales do not give a child his first idea of bogey. What fairy tales give the child is his first clear idea of the

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Sarah Babbs

Relational Giving

There are 84 days until Christmas. Does that number fill you with dread thinking of all that has to be done? Joy at the thought

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Men's Issues
Nathaniel Gotcher

Do’t, Knight!

Men are not pigs. You see, that’s giving men too much credit. When pigs burrow in the mud and embrace the dirtiness, it is not

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Elizabeth Hillgrove

Spiritual Heirloom

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I’m repressed. I’m a Catholic woman, after all. The Bright Maidens movement blossomed out of refuting this very concept.

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