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Author Archive: Mike Filce

Mike Filce lives in South Lake Tahoe, attends St. Theresa Church and teaches English at South Tahoe High School. His wife, Anne, is a teaching-principal at St. Theresa Catholic School; his daughter, Cara, attended St. Theresa School since kindergarten and is now a 10th grader at South Tahoe High School; his son, Charlie, is entering the eighth grade at St. Theresa.

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Transubstantiation: Do We Believe?

August 28, AD 2013 16 Comments
Transubstantiation: Do We Believe?

From east to west in the Catholic Church, the uniquely sacramental life of the Catholic Church defines us. The sacraments take us from the symbolic or representational to the actual experience of God present in our lives.  To borrow from the trades, it is the difference between surveying a blueprint and walking through the finished home. To […]

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