Friends of the Good Shepherd

Guest post by Estella Young.

I was reflecting on the Gospel of the Found Sheep with my children, when my son asked, “What if the Shepherd lost 99 sheep and only had one left?”

I thought for a bit, and said, “Well, if it’s a big task, maybe he would ask his friends and neighbors to help. Remember how at the end of the story, he asks them to rejoice with him? Since his friends know how much he loves his sheep, they would come help him search for them.”

“Who are Jesus’ friends today?” I asked.

“We are,” my son replied.

So I said to my kids, “We live in a time when many sheep are lost. Since we are friends of Jesus, we should also be helping him look for the lost sheep to bring back to the flock. Let’s take a moment to think about how we can do this.”

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