On the Suffering of Christ

Maybe you can remember some of the most unpleasant feelings in your life.

Heat so scorching that your skin burns, your head throbs, and any water you drink is a poison instead of a cure.

Pain so intense that you remain suspended and twisted in an agony of body and ineffectiveness of mind.

Humiliation so complete that though you feel it is unbearable, you still have to live with its crushing mockery.

Grief so deep that it reaches to rack your body as well as your soul.

Fatigue so entire that you seem disembodied and stumble with your own weight.

Remember the worst time you’ve ever had to endure any one of these distresses. Multiply that suffering thousands of times upon itself, and you would still not be close to what He felt. You would still not be able to completely imagine what He endured. The suffering He endured included the sins of every single sinner, not simply the suffering of one man. And everything He endured was for you, no matter how you have hurt Him; every last ounce of His suffering, He bore, because He loves you so dearly.

Picture Him. Sharp thorns pressed into the soft flesh of His head. Rivulets of blood flowing, trickling down from the gouges in His flesh. Gory skin hanging loosely around Him in tatters. And through all the heat of Calvary, the pain of wounds, the humiliation of derision, the grief of rejection, the fatigue of the heavy cross—His eyes never lose their love for you.

For this is the Love with which His Heart burned.