If Saints Were Superheroes

Seth Evangelho

Seth Evangelho

Seth Evangelho serves as a fulltime evangelist and youth minister in Laconia, New Hampshire. Originally from California, he holds a masters in theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville and is married with two young children. Read more on his blog: From the Trenches at WWW.SETHEVANGELHO.COM

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3 thoughts on “If Saints Were Superheroes”

  1. As a big superhero fan, I love this take on superheroes. What a great way to explain things. Thanks for sharing this. My wife made me aware of this post because I wrote something similar.

    Only instead of writing about one superhero that represents all Catholics, I tried comparing Superheroes to actual Catholic Saints. For example, Wonder Woman would be St. Joan of Arc.

    My post is titled: “If Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman Were Catholic Saints…” If you’re curious, you can read it here:

      1. Thanks man, I appreciate it.
        And I’m glad you wrote this article.
        Gives me more to think about.

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