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Don’t Forget Me!!

July 7, AD 2013 9 Comments

Right now someone is staring at you…. well not with human eyes, angelic eyes! Remember him? He’s your guardian angel!

Guardian Angel

I think often people forget about their guardian angels because they have “better” things to do. They don’t spend any time with them because maybe they don’t talk, maybe they’re not fun, and maybe you just aren’t close right now. But I’m telling you, if you give your guardian angel a chance, I promise you, he won’t let you down. So who is he? What are the benefits? Is it really him, or have I just lost it and am talking to myself? Well, hopefully this article can help with these questions.

 Firstly, God chose a pure, spotless angel to be your guardian and protector in life. Every minute of every day, he’s always making sure if you’re OK. Remember when you almost walked into traffic and suddenly stopped walking, or dodged a ball that was flying right into your face by the skin of your teeth? Yes…. that was him! He cares about you so much, is always praying for you, and doesn’t take his eyes off of you at any moment in the night. He is the closest friend in your life that God has freely given to you, yet we don’t stop and say hello.

Secondly, he was given to you, not just as a protector, but as a friend. We constantly forget that there is a whole other world out there watching and praying for us, and our angel has been put here to be a piece of the next life… right now! I bet yours is just counting the days when he can slowly show you the goodness of heaven. In little bits you can begin to think of the things of heaven – you can almost feel what it will be like in the next life – that’s him whispering to you!

 Thirdly, guardian angels aren’t just there praying and protecting, but he wants to have fun with you! Excited? Go share it with him! He’ll probably be more excited than you! It’s always more fun to do things with a friend, especially when it comes to striving to go to heaven, and he’s a friend who never leaves.

Finally, he has been put here to be our intercessor. He can take our prayers and offer them to God in a purer way. Or even better, he can purify them, give them to Our Lady, and she can purify them again, and then give them to God, just like a prayer filter. All this is waiting for you, it’s actually already here. But you first have to begin. It takes a little while before you and your guardian angel can form a lasting bond, instead of him just praying and watching over you on his own. Just speak with him, pray to him, think of him, love him!

….. Well go on! Say hello!

About the Author:

Alexandra Reis is a 16-year-old cradle Catholic. Her passions consist of learning and writing about the Faith and trying to spread it. She is drawn to the traditional Latin Mass. She is also interested in poetry, art, playing the piano, and acquiring wisdom at a young age. She hopes to become a writer and professional public speaker in the future in order to save souls for the greater glory of God.
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  • jesspinosa

    I have named my guardian angel Angel de Dios. I know he is always active in my life, as when the bus arrives on time, I make my subway connection with no problem, and I get to my destination on time. But there are days when it does not work as well as that, and it’s alright, too. He is still active, probably making me miss a bus because there is someone there he does not want me to see or preventing me from having an accident. He is great, and I cannot have a better friend than he.

    • Alexandra Reis

      That’s so great to hear! My Guardian Angel’s name is Lawrence, because it comes from the Greek word “laurel” which is a golden crown used in olden times (I was inspired to pick this name in prayer as well.) I wanted to give him a royal name, and after naming him, he just came to life, and we’ve never been closer! I want everyone on earth to know about their special God given friend, because if they overlook their angel, they’re missing out on a lot! God bless you and Angel de Dios and Our Blessed Mother protect you both!

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  • MarytheDefender

    I heard from Father Mitch Pacwa on EWTN that we shouldn’t give our Guardian Angel names. Angels are higher spiritual beings than us so it is improper for us to give them names only God can do that. It can also be dangerous to ask your angel for their name because we cant be certain that it wasn’t an evil spirit who put the name in our head, trying to deceive us. Just call them guardian or angel, they know we are referring to them. 🙂
    That said, I been talking to my guardian angel since I was a little kid. So talking yes! Listening? That’s another matter! But I am working on it! :))

    • RobinJeanne

      I didn’t give mine a name but asked…. one day when asking, what is your name? … I heard in my heart “Gloria”

    • Alexandra Reis

      Well, it’s not doctrinal, and I made sure it was a royal name that elevated him, I consider it his nickname so he can still have the main name that God gave him, not belittled him, it isn’t the name of a demon because Lawrence is the name of a saint, and I prayed for a while before just to make sure. But if you don’t feel comfortable with it, that’s fine, and I hope you and your Guardian Angel become very close :). God bless!

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  • Margarett Cahill Zavodny

    I wonder if we are enjoying time with a friend, spouse, or child our Guardian Angels are enjoying it too?